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coming soon pro athlete and former 90's pop background singer is coming out with a new single this artist was background to the popular girl groups and co wrot
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Featuring Traci K Shoop
The founder of the tour is a former indie popular song writer, producer and singer from the 90's who help start and build a major production on the east coast and toured up north in OHIO and surrounding areas. to later be signed to partner with top pro artists on stage to perform like cover girls and JOE and worked with smacking song writer and producers like carey grant and devin who also worked in cali helping mix with pros today like pdiddy, dr dre and others. She later started her own band with UK friends called " swing shift" and toured again live in local clubs and packed the house. with this she later went on to make her pro status in fitness, modeling, bodybuilding and became a coach to where she later ended up on stage winning champion in a series on many pro networks like espn2, foxsports and universal studios She now is happy to host and perform again this time helping up and coming a chance to earn their pro status bringing out the masters division and this tour she hopes to work and travel all over the world being scene with many on stage and it is your chance to be part of it. and with this introducing remakes and new single album out. and bringing muscle, model, music and lifestyle coaches together on stage. cause music in not just about entertainment it is about healing she has been nominated in two categories for emmy and peoples choice awards to hopefully WIN and get in on the grammys She is top charts for indies in talk music and healing and trying to bring up her pop chart and country charts.
Band/artist history
1992-1994- part founder, producer, song writer of tre' finese' featured back ground and lead. and talk 1994-1996- lead vocal and partner in UK band "Swing Shift" 2009-2010- solo artist , talk music, arts and sciences (emmy nominee)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
sometimes yes ...have recently top 3 in open mic and poetry north carolina 2010
Your musical influences
linda rondstadt stevie ray vaughn stevie nicks kid rock steeley dan don henley shania twain
What equipment do you use?
I dont use equipment. I use computers, I play harmonica , and some piano I know a little bango. my first instrument musically learned was the bango, then the piano but loved the organ. played that every day in my room portable. remember my favorite song " jeanie with the light brown hair'
Anything else?
With this tour I really need your support cause it also goes to raise money for me to give chances for prizes on stage and raise enough money so we can have a place private to educate and also train. with this being able to build our team and do more with being older now we hope to really do this so we can also still work in film and tv and be with our families too. if you want to donate become a member and support FPLA www.fitprolifestyle.webs.com
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