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Tired of the sky being plagued by the grizzling thrush and the sea cursed by the emo fish? Come with us to a land where nurses smell of cigarettes and satsumas
Whiskey Tango
To paraphrase the words of Winston Churchill "Never has a band meant so little to so many", that is until now. Hailing from the incestuous zoo of Kacktas Town, Buckweet have been met with hostility, ignorance, derisory hand gestures and flailing fists of rejected harlots hence their relocation to merrie ol' England. Once upon these damp and listless shores they quickly attained the reputation of being charlatans and musicians in that order and thus have been excluded from many of the music scenes due to their inability and refusal to be pigeonholed into a genre. Infusing the heartbreak of country with the abject misery of doom wrapped in the joyful exhuberence of ska not without touching upon funk, motown, jazz and bluegrass they have created a sound all their own they call "kuntry". And yes, it's as bad and reckless as it sounds. Despite an almost Spinal Tap-esque recruitment and loss of musicians and general wronguns they have played but few gigs on this side of the pond but with the support of you all they'll be able to afford not to have to auction their internal organs on e-bay. Featuring an unshakeable core element of brothers Jed (vocals/guitar) and Earl Valentine (drums) along with Cleveland Van Der Valk (guitar), El Stitchmungo (something or other) and bass beast Wishbone LaRoue they have been joined by many friends and former shady associates in rehearsals which has culminated in very little tangible material but with these distractions put to one side they have finaly managed to create the album that the world needed to hear, namely "MUSIC TO BEAT YOUR WIFE TO". It may be uncomfortable to listen to, it may seem like an aural haemorhage but when faced with a challenge Buckweet do what any self respecting man would do - run away. Formed at some point in 2003 they struggled for many a moon to find structure or purpose in what they did but when those who couldn't play were fired or married off to lecherous accountants the remaining few soon found resolution. If nothing they did would make a difference to anyone then they should do whatever they wanted regardless of consequence. Despite the ridicule and broken limbs they have continued to forge ahead despite what relatives or common sense would have them believe and are ready to conquer the musical world. Problem is, is the world ready for Buckweet? "Of course it is" I hear you cry "don't be so retarded". BUCKWEET - SHITTING FISTS OF PUSSY SINCE 2003!!!!!!
Band/artist history
Our history is mainly about things you would deem as wrong, so you can make up your own stories, we'll believe 'em! But things have changed, we're not the same naive wankers we were a few years ago, we've actually worse since we've grown. We're not so blinkered in terms of musical influence anymore, we find inspiration in country of course but also funk, motown, ska and old school bluegrass too, trying to combine all of these elements into a listenable product is a tough nut to crack but whatever happens we're only here because we enjoy making the music we do. And we're well aware that we fucking suck!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Of course not, we're as lazy and disorganized as we are crap. We have done in the past but what's the fucking point? Unless you gave us a shitload of cash that is
Your musical influences
Anna Tsuchiya, Gollbetty, Alestorm, Atom And His Package, Dye # 2, Herman's Ugly Wife, Johnny Cash, Otis Lee Crenshaw, Skinniman Dancing, Flogging Molly, G-Yun, Muramasa, Dropkick Murphys, Sick Of It All, Poison, Jawbone, Mustard Plug, Send More Paramedics, PWEI, Senser, Arcane, Rob Zombie, Dead Kennedys, Bad Religion, Less Than Jake, Stroppy, Nana (Blackstones), Motley Crue, Anti Nowhere League, UNCLE FUCKER, Marilyn Manson, Period Pains, Poison, Mr Bonx, Ramones, Boney M, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, Molly Blackheart, Joan Jett, WASP, Stabbing Westward, Kitty In A Casket,
What equipment do you use?
Bottles, guitars, tin plates, false limbs, teeth, buckets, mouth organs, erect shoes, Loose floorboards, the word "flan", McFuffles
Anything else?
Skankin' rednecks is the way of the future, in a retarded kind of way. We're shit and we love it! DEATH TO THE MUSO!!!!!!
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