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The Devil's Orphans
The Devil's Orphans
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We embrace the select few who share our vision and reject the other stillborn forms of "entertainment" that the mainstream industry and their cronies push
The Devil's Orphans..... To embrace the dark....to shine the light......to give you that which no one else can......truth A journey through the emotions of life and death......to cry the tears of sorrow togeather..... so you are not alone in this mundane world of mainstream sheep..... The Devil's Orphans..... God doesnt beleive in us and the devil doesnt want us..... Outcast from the world of the normal......Outcast from thier dogmas thier political rallies.........thier power lunches.... The Devil's Orphans..... To play what your leaders and your parents don't want you to hear..... To put art above the dollar...... To show thier greed and how it drives them to control you...... The Devil's Orphans....... To show that man is a filthy animal compelled by greed and lust.... To shake our fists in the faces of those who ruin your world and your lives.... To rip away the facade of perception and show reality for what it is......
Band/artist history
Bobby3 and ranxid met in 1992. The local baltimore band "Nuclear Gumbo" was having singing auditions and asked ranxid, who was the lead singer for another local band "rapture" to decide which singer they should choose. Bobby3 was the rhythm guitar player for nuclear gumbo and was a very prominent rhythm guitar player in baltimore at that time and ranxid was also popular locally, hence nuclear gumbo's trust in his judgment. ranxid had every intention of honestly picking the best singer out for them that day......that is until they started playing. ranxid imeadiately fell in love with Bobby3's raw honest guitar sound and chris stonebreaker was hands down the best drummer he had ever heard. ranxid leaned over and whispered in his keyboard player's ear "we've got to have them!" The two auditioning singers gave it all they had. One was an experienced metal singer and sounded very good, on key, loud, strong and honest...the other was inexperienced, off key and completely lacked timing. ranxid chose the latter.......and in their blind, misplaced trust nuclear gumbo hired the obviously bad singer. ranxid did feel guilty because the metal singer was good, but he figured he would be ok.....looking back though that singer never did join another band. in the coming months ranxid then set about trying to steal the drummer and guitar player from nuclear gumbo. Rapture and Nuclear gumbo played some venues togeather, with gumbo opening for rapture and some other multi-band shows. needless to say gumbo folded and ranxid made his move. chris stonebreaker was taken on as drummer but bobby3 disappeared much to ranxid''s dismay....but the band played on. 2 years later rapture was playing a show at the midway cafe in essex. looking out in the crowd, lo' and behold, there was bobby3. ranxid imeadiately drug him onstage, gave him his guitar and made him play through the last set, which even without any prep or practice he nailed electrifyingly! Thus a new line up was started and ranxid finally had the members he wanted. Rapture played on strong for the next 3 years with bobby3 on rhytum guitar, stonebreaker on drums, eric maxwell, ranxid's brother, on lead guitar and ranxid on bass and vocals. they played a mix of rock, metal and grunge making them one of the top local bar bands at that time. The parties were exceptional..........and then quite out of control. By 1996 eric maxwell had left the band. Bobby3 steped up and played lead guitar as rapture became a 3 peice band. during the next year ranxid and bobby3 started to experiment more with thier writing and playing, leaning away from the mainstream rock and more towards a darker, raw electronic sound. By early 97 chris stonebreaker left the band due to musical differences. He was not satisfied with the direction the music was going in. He started another band of his own "clusterflux" and continued to play the mainstream rock and roll he was devoted to. presented with the dilemma of not having a drummer, bobby3 enlisted his brother eric white who was, and still is, very versed in keyboard and computer industrial music. he provided electronic drums and some keyboard playing as well. The band name was then changed to "the enigma jar". The enigma jar also hired william shifflet as bass player and ranxid shifted to playing second keyboard and still sang front vocals. The mix of electronica and hard raw guitar got the attention of Drakfall productions and in late 97 they contracted the enigma jar to score the music to thier low budget slasher film entitled "screen kill" again the parties were exceptional and at times explosive. "legendary" is a good word to discribe them. Someday we may write a book about it, when the statute of limitations runs out of course. For this page we'll just say we partied, we played shows and we recorded many good experimental tracks. But things never stay the same and by late 98 Eric White left the band to pursue other non musical intrests. He left behind knowledge and experience with computers and electronic music that sticks with us to this day. The band continued on as a 3-peice once again with ranxid syncing drum tracks, playing keyboards and singing while will and bobby3 were a bass and guitar powerhouse. once again the name of the band changed and they were now known as "BloodJunkie". A name that fit thier raw, angry sound, which at that time was unique in the baltimore music scene. If nothing else a Bloodjunkie show was almost like a circus act, you never knew what would happen from Bobby3 playing his guitar with a switchblade to ranxid hanging from the rafters screaming improvised lyrics. they were barred from playing some venues due to the damage and overall raunchy antics that ensued at thier shows. To discribe how Bloodjunkie was perceived is rather duplicitous in that they were well known in the local music scene, but rather more infamous than benignly popular. everyone wants to see a car crash but most went away with the fact that they had witnessed genuine music ability and originality........Bloodjunkie played no covers.....only original songs. In early 2000 they met brice Henninger, a drummer with a flair for playing an electronic drum set and using odd industrial samples as sounds instead of the same old drum sounds. Brice joined the band but not long after, again because of musical differences, will shifflet left the band. He went on to do a brief out of state tour with a country band fronted by a female singer. This shifted ranxid back to playing bass onstage and as always he was the singer. Still a 3-peice Bloodjunkie played many shows up until late 2002 when there was an informal disbanding as all the members turned thier attentions to non musical situations. Bobby3 had a son that year and ranxid gained granchildren....6 of them to be exact. So for the first time in thier lives family took presidence over thier music. Word had it that Brice had gone to florida to race his scion in derbys or street races. Before they knew it years had passed. way back in the early bloodjunkie years ranxid and bobby3 had met another band named "sin" whos member were much younger but had the same electro-gothic influences and the same outragous nature about them. Having no place to practice, bloodjunkie shared thier practice space with them and the two bands became friends. "sin" didnt last long but late in 2008 the front man of sin, Seth Elohiem and bobby3 formed a band called "the missing" they implored ranxid to join but at that time ranxid was spending alot of time with his grandchildren and declined to join. He was satisfied doing his solo recording work and being with the children. "The missing played a number of out of state shows but by 2009 they disbanded as well. In early 2010 Bobby3 and ranxid met up again by chance and started to discuss all the music they had made togeather through the years and how no matter what member or band incarnation came and went, they had always stuck togeather because of thier similar style and approach to music, and thier mutual respect for the other's talents. It just so happened as well that bobby3 needed a place he could live and feel comfortable having his son visit him. I immeadiately offered him to be my house-mate, and here we are......2011 and still recording and going strong. We are not only writing some of the best material we have ever done but we are also planning more shows. We are confident of a strong future for our newest incarnation.....The Devil's Orphans. .........and the band played on.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
looking forward to future shows....will be announced as they occur.
Your musical influences
Adam and the ants, David Bowie, NiN, megadeth, poison, brian eno, iggy pop, the sex pistols, the damned, sonic youth, primus, nirvana, depeche mode, skinny puppy, type O negative, kiss, alice cooper, the velvet underground, christian death, combichrist, covenant, ministry, wasp, LA guns, the clash, kraftwerk, ozzy osborne, the "old" metallica when they were real, green day, the cure, souxsie and the banshees, the black keys, the white stripes, cinderella, childs play, pink floyd, kix, bauhaus, gary numan, sisters of mercy, black flag, billy idol, ramones, lords of the new church, korn, deadmau5, echo and the bunnymen, morissey, front 242, wumpscut, slayer, garbage, INXS, jesus jones, gorgeous frankenstien, Hole, Snot, static X, pet shop boys, midnight oil, new order, KMFDM, U2, The The, johnny cash, they might be giants, talking heads, the stranglers, stone temple pilots, simple minds, public image LtD, Thomas Dolby, Daft Punk, the strokes, blur, the killers, the mission UK, The chamelions, Jane's addiction, elvis presley, The Psychedelic Furs, front line assembly, Genitorturers, Funker Vogt, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Nitzer Ebb, Velvet Acid Christ, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Black Sabbath, Motörhead
What equipment do you use?
Gear............... yamaha psr-540 keyboard antique korg E 240547 micro-Korg/vocoder cort 5 string bass Aria pro guitar roland SPD6 drum pad assorted analog percussion instruments misc. shure microphones mackie 14 channel mixer 2 mackie upright speakers with stands racks...... virtulizer pro vocal effects alesis DM5 drum rack composer pro dynamic eQ rack underfoot.............. DOD vofx pedal 2 rfx midibuddies inside the AI boxes............ (box#one) Acid pro 7 Techno-ejay nero-soundwave editor cakewalk 5.0 (box#2) rebirth338 (alas rebirth didn't make the crossing to windows 7.....I miss it so....) adobe audition
Anything else?
http://www.youtube.com/user/ranxid?blend=1&ob=0 http://www.youtube.com/user/TheDevilsOrphans
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