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Spends Quality
Spends Quality
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Spends Quality is a beat producer, rapper, singer, drummer, sound engineer, and music entrepreneur. His music productions are inspired by hip-hop, funk, soul,
Peace and Blessings!! My name is Spencer Williams, aka Spends Quality, and I make music. I represent an artist collective/record label known as CFO Recordings. I play drums and a little keys, produce beats, and I'm known to rap a little too... My main project for the last 6 years has been Sonicbloom, a hip-hop group that has released 2 full-length albums and performs regularly up and down the west coast (check it out in my "top friends"). I produce a good chunk of the hip-hop tracks we rap over for Sonicbloom and other projects in the CFO collective, as well as produce instrumental stuff ranging from the genres of Drum n Bass, Breaks, Downtempo, Dub-Step, Dancehall and other stuff you can't really categorize. I am currently working on a solo project called Presence, as well as the 3rd full-length album by Sonicbloom, and producing beats for a number of other up and coming and established singers and rappers. As a producer I don't typically use samples (but sometimes I do). Instead I would rather play things on the keyboards, synths and drums, or record other live musicians. I am a huge fan of drum machines... 808's and hand claps!! I love the funk... I love deep pockets... and I love bass. The beats have to absolutely slap! Anyways, enough about me... Thankyou so much for checking out my music, I feel truly blessed to be able to share it with you. Please stay tuned for more... Below is a list of releases you can find my music on: Sonicbloom "From the Get-Go" May 2005 (Cdbaby.com/sonicbloom) Adomant "Projections" March 2007 (Cdbaby.com/Adomant) Sonicbloom "Paradigm Lift" May 2008 (Cdbaby.com/Sonicbloom2) Various Artists "Hip-Hop for Obama Vol. 1" September 08 You can find all of these titles on iTunes...
Band/artist history
I have been experimenting with beat production and digital recording since 1999. Produced and released 2 full length Sonicbloom albums (2005 From the Get-Go, 2008 Paradigm Lift) and Adomant Projections in 2007.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I perform live pretty regularly with my group Sonicbloom. I occasionally do solo performance as an MC rapping over my own beats and my friends beats, and occasionally do shows djing my own beats... more of that to come in the near future.
Your musical influences
Artists all across the board such as: Stevie Wonder, the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin, James Brown, the Meters, the Cuf, Living Legends, Mos Def and Talib Kweli, A Tribe Called Quest, Bob Marley, e-40, Too-Short and my peers such as Dub-Tek, the Conroys, J. Kendall, Mr. Tay, my Brothers, Djust-D, Fossil, Bath, Bird, Sarge...
What equipment do you use?
Gretch Drum Kit, Korg Triton Studio, MicroKorg, Yamaha keyboard, shakers/drums, Digital Performer, BPM, Abelton Live, Shure KSM27, Shure SM57, and a couple random other keyboards....
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