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Ol' Man Bluz Ban'
Ol' Man Bluz Ban'
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18 Tracks
This is MONSTER blues that draws on metal, funk, rap, hard rock, etc. I am a one man band at this time. I play all of the instruments and write all lyrics.
These are sketches of songs I recorded on a Tascam dp 32sd. They are the new, improved version recorded for the purpose of copywrite submission. That being said, the sound quality here is WAY better then the "last batch" of songs. I don't consider these finished material. I don't consider me a vocalist, either, but I sound better then I thought I would. I like playing the instruments. Live/band; I would have 3-4 back up singers taking turns at lead, I'd cover most guitars with another 7-string player, drums and bass. Due to the heavy blues influence of this music, a horn section would be excellent addition. Going from the " big band" rockabilly that Brian Setzer does to a new, heavier, shreddier, big band music I call "MONSTER BAND." It's a new genre of music I made up. These recordings are Monster Blues and Id prefer a 6 or 7 piece over a whole brass section initially. Music has always been at the top of the list for me of things I love to do. Working out is near the top, too. I've been going to one gym or another for 20+ years now and have no plans on stopping. I have spent 15 years working with person's with developmental disabilities in the health care field-my resume is fairly impressive and available upon request.
Band/artist history
I have been copywriting music since 2006. I don't fit in to the bar scene, I'm clean cut, built, no tats, don't drink etc... but pro cannabis! My "look" will sell cannabis to the public over anyone else at this point. Is the music industry ever going to rep a healthy act for once. Allow me to promote self construction instead of the usual self destruction. This includes exercise, healthy eating habits, and, of course, cannabis!!! See, ALL humans have an endo-cannabinoid system and require the cannabinoid s from cannabis to repair our central nervous system. It's a human right and human necessity, just like food and water.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Of course, but gave that up to focus on a totally original music project. However,I am a one man band at this time. I play all of the instruments and write all of the lyrics. This is MONSTER blues that draws on metal, funk, rap, hard rock, alt. rock and pop at will. Here's 18 radio friendly songs. I am seeking a recording contract. I love playing live, but haven't in a long time. As a telecommunications major that owned a live sound production co., its easy for me. I'd like to 're record the music professionally as stated in the bio, then tour endlessly.
Your musical influences
All of it, too many to list. Listen to the music and tell me who influenced it.
What equipment do you use?
Roland electronic drums, Blackstar amps, Tacsam DP32SD, 7-string guitars and 6-string basses.
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