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bad mr frosty
bad mr frosty
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A rambling collection of analog synths and a church organ, making a great awful racket over pirated break-beats, with a madman at the helm, tweaking filters a
...Bad Mr Frosty (aka john david peer)established a name for himself as one of Eastern Canada's top hard rock keyboardists back in the late 1980's, before moving to Vancouver to play and compose all original music. While living and working on his fishing charter boat for seven years, he became an electronic rave/after hours performer during the mid to late '90's. The co-founder of Vancouver hard-core band "Yeah Whatever" was already known for his insane analogue synth work, and "church-organ-from-hell" Hammond B3. Frosty also opened 2 after-hours clubs (the 151, Palace after Dark)) hours, which booked some massive talent including Veal, Smack, The Hard Rock Miners, Noise Therapy, Yeah Whatever, etc. Some of you will also remember fRosTy's after-hours "pirate boat" moored by BC Place for the summer of '95 as well as 151 W7th (at Cambie) AKA Pirate's Island Studios (Hello to any survivors!). ...In 1998 he finally remembered to leave BC, after one year had stretched to seven, and returned to the East Coast to join Canadian Indie funk-rock band Sweet Tooth. After the 2001 release of their second album ("Gimme Some", available at HMV.com and Sam's bargain-bin near you) fRosTy relocated to his new home in Liverpool, England for the bext 7 years. Fans of fRosTy, after moving several of his songs into the UK Top 100 (Electronic on the sadly defunct MP3.com) are now looking forward to the long awaited release of the darker and more intense project; "Spirit Chaser"; realized on all analogue and Analogue modelling hard-synths, including the Korg Vocoder. fRosTy now lives mostly in a house back in the woods near Halifax, Nova Scotia, with a divorce and no children, and spends the winter months working and playing in Central America. You can contact fRosTy at johnpeer@canada.com Or click on music if you need to scare your cat...
Band/artist history
baD mR fRosTy (AKA John Peer) began as the keyboard player for the Eastern Canadian band Portrait in 1986, then toured full time for 5 years in a bunch of cover/original bands including Stages, XSNRG, Dawn Patrol and the Toronto band Kick until joining the all-original hard rock band "Brave New World", from Vancouver,BC, and later the groove-core band "Yeah Whatever" After seven years the novelty of the west coast wore off. Since 2001, during the spring and summer fRosTy chills in the UK. During the winters of 2002-2004, fRosTy was teaching math and playing in Guatemala City, avoiding the cold English winter... ...From 1986 until 2005, frosty has played keyboards for, recorded with, and been booted out of numerous bands, including Portrait, Stages, XSNRG, Dawn Patrol, The Demo Factory, Kick, The Ray Myers Band, The Dinosaurs, Brave New World, Yeah Whatever, Sweet Tooth and Jimmy C and the Blues Dragons. In addition he appears solo/with DJ's in the electronic scene in the UK, Canada and Central America. 2011 seems hin back in Nova Scotia continuing to record music that no-one listens to. Frosty also plays and records with Halifax NS based techno-funk bad Streel, as well as occasional tracks for other Canadian artists. Click on @Music@ fRosTy never took a music lesson! Sadly, it kinda shows...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
2011 ...remembering that he even still had this site, fRosTy is glad to see how it boosts his google ratings! Back in Nova Scotia with the new studio built! 2007 update. fRosTy has recently returned to the UK from 4 months performing live in Central America, and teaching at the AEC in Guatemala. He's been spending his time surfing in Newquay/playing with Jimmy C and the Blues Dragons in London England.
Your musical influences
John's influences are things that hum, being dropped on his head as a baby, a 220 volt shock in his high school band, and too many Tammies. Ken Hensley/Jon Lord Analogue, analog, synths CS-40 CS-5 Pro 1 JP-6 Hammond C3 M3 Halifax NS Jupiter 6 CS-40M Vox Jaguar RMI piano electric piano Hammond B3 / C3 Nord lead FP8 MS 2000 Cs-6X Mc-303 MC-505 Basstation X3 Hohner Pianet. John Peer 2004 john peer techno John Peer John Peer Jon Peer John Pier
What equipment do you use?
Instruments 1968 VOX Jaguar organ, Digitech Vocoder, 1980 Sequential Circuits Pro-1, 1979 Yamaha CS-40M, CS-20M, 1979 Yamaha CS-5, 1983 Roland Jupiter- 6 , 1977 RMI Electra-Piano, 1975 Hohner Pianet T, 1958 Hammond C3 Organ/122 Leslie. 1964 Hammond M3/125 Leslie, 1969 Wurlitzer EP-200, 1980 Korg MONO/POLY, 1978/79 Korg MS-10 (2 linked together), Novation Basstation and K-Station, Clavia Nord Lead (the original and still the rudest!), Korg MS-2000, Korg Microkorg, Yamaha CS-6X, Roland MC303,505 and 909, Roland VK-8M. Alesis Ion, 1980 MOOG Prodigy.
Anything else?
Press Reviews "Peer's music is enchanting, magical, beguiling, dreamlike and best of all resonates within the heart, this is an artist who has the desire to share his collective musical consciousness with the world. His first solo project BadMrFrosty, is one that bears an alternative edge." ... Jessica Gihon, Columnist Cosmic Debris Magazine http://www.cvnet.net/cosmic "I thought it lended itself to 'picture'... Some of his stuff had a filmic quality, while some melodies really captured that 'Atlantic N.S.Culture' in a fresh, modern way. His Bass sure came through on my studio speakers - HUGE! ... Preston Ryback, Composer/Producer Chez Prez Studios Vancouver, BC ....After we cranked fRosty's new tune "Reruns", my cat shit hisself, and wouldn't use the litter box for a week!.... name withheld--------what is that odd noise? is that singing? hmmmmm what's with all the little red lights?- overheard at the New Year's eve show....... "Mr. Peer? Mr. Peer!? I know you can hear me! I'm afraid you'll have to vacate the flat, there's been another complaint. Mr. Peer? I know you're in there...".....loud voice, mixed with knocking...
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