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Rashad Dollaz
Rashad Dollaz
6 Tracks
I posses a love of music ranging from Mozart & Beethoven. To Grandmaster flash & the furious 5, to Mudvayne & ACDC. From Marvin Gaye to The Isley Brothers. So i
Rashad Dollaz AKA DJ Ramo, Born Omar Rashad Jackson originally from Los Angeles, California is a hot new Producer/ Writer/ Recording-artist. Rashad Dollaz formed his own company at 17 (Dub Fo' Entertainment) with the help of UBU Productions Founder Ulysee Brown. As a child, Rashad Dollaz AKA "DJ Ramo" traveled more than usual as a child, which eventually landed the young ambitious artist on the west-side of Atlanta. While there, he met and made family with a pack of elder individuals from Miami, Florida and Queens, New York that got him into producing. Rashad Dollaz got a first hand feel at the gritty style of the Southern-life, and the fast paced hustle of the East Coast-life as he attended his senior year in High School. Not to mention, all while interning for a gospel music record label. After Rashad Dollaz graduated, he moved back to the pacific northwest to be back with his family. Now he is remixed, remastered and ready to please your ears with Great musical tracks. Ranging from Hip-Symphonic to Classical and Rock & Roll. From R&B to Pop and Hip-Hop. So as Rashad Dollaz would say it, "Let me borrow your ears for a minute. I made something for you"..... enjoy.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I mainly do showcases and private shows, but have done benefits in Atlanta Georgia. And I love it. Every heart pumping moment is special.
Your musical influences
Any Genre of music, as long as there is TALENT involved. (i love music in general, there are songs I like and songs I don't)
What equipment do you use?
Keyboard, Piano, Synthesizers, Bass, Drums.
Anything else?
You'll Love it
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