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negative (lee nyce)
negative (lee nyce)
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negative lee nyce is not an 'average rapper', his 'true sound' is one created by mixing verbal & witty lyrics over musically eclectic sample heavy production -
'24 WARS' (Official Video)
negative lee nyce is not an 'average artist', nor does his story resemble that of an 'average rapper'. From a middle school teacher burning his rhyme-book to his father burning his demo on their front lawn, it goes without saying that lee has fought for every ounce of respect while finding himself inside of music. It wasn't until meeting Kill-Matix (now Kid Sugoi), an aspiring Pittsburgh emcee/producer that negative's 'true sound' was created by mixing verbal & witty lyrics with eclectic samples & heavy production. This team of 'illegal prophets' (Kid Sugoi & negative lee nyce) have created what has been deemed 'mangled soul' & are defined as a 'breath of fresh air' after negative lee nyce's debut "Moms Was My Roommate" (entirely produced by Kid Sugoi) officially re-vamped the culture through creativity & originality which begs to ask the question... ...is the world & hip hop ready to be negative lee nyce?
Band/artist history
a brief list would be... "Droppin' Jewelz" w/ Red Jones (as Clumsey Thiefs) - released Dec. '01. "ScaryDayDreamZzz" - 1st & Only 'Under-gradS' promo, released in '02. [- took a 5 year recording/release hiatus for personal & musical reasons -] "Lost Found Tapes [promo]" feat. Foundation - created '07 / released '08. "The Infinite Integer Mixtape Vol. -0" - first solo mixtape, released in '08. "whY sO serIOUs? [the mixtape]" feat. A Collective of Artistic Minds - released in '08. "Sex, Drugs, & Dirty Money" feat. NyuGen & Bumkin - compiled '09 / released in '10. "The Missing Pieces" feat. Kill-Matix, lil' Baltimore & Sully Bumkin - released in '10. "An Underground Thirst Mixture" feat. Kill-Matix - released in '10. "The Missing Pieces 2 [the .38 caliber mystery]" - released in Dec. '10. "UN-Cage'd: the Dusty Spacetalker edition" - released in Feb. '11. "A Letter To Hek (P. Seams Tribute)" - downloadable following tragedy in Jan. '12. featured on G Street's "Get Bent" w/ Dog - music video on TheDoeVision Apr. '12. "Shake It Mami / A Serbian Loser" [Eclectic Electric 12"] - downloadable June '12. featured on "Doe World 2" ("Doe World", "5th Element", "Letter To Hek") - July '12. appeared on "Come Together (Over Me)" [for "Doe World 2"] - released July '12. appeared in the 'Murdergram Cypher(s)' w/ LoserLik, Sam Red, & NAGEL - Oct. '12. "Underprivileged with a Big L (non-radio-thon bars)" - released Dec. '12. "Open Sores (Open Letter to a Druggie)" - released April '13. "Picassos Grommets" (reached Reverb #1 in 7 days) - released July '13 "Missing Pieces 3: the scrabble scandal" - released in Aug. '13. added to S.K.P.'s "Book of Life [REMIX]" - re-released online in Feb. '14. "Blue Diablo (freestyle)" - released Mar. '14. "Draft Day '96" [re-prod. by L.A. Chase]" - released April '14. "0 to Lightspeed [re-produced by Kid Jimi]" - released June '14. "Beyond Sticker Price (Got'chu Opin freestyle)" - released for July 4th '14. "Cut To Credits [re-prod. T2S]" - released Sept. '14. "Courtesy (freestyle)" - released on the last sequential date (12/13/14). "Let It Go (Keyser Söze freewrite)" - released Feb. '15. "Ya'Think Ya'Know (freestyle)" - released (+ made VATalent.com) May '15. featured on "Get It? [RTJ Remix]" (off Sean Doe's tape) - released Aug. '15. "B Side of 2 Citiez" featuring MaNiaC - released (& dedicated to RDP3) Nov. '15. "Untouchable Mind [re-prod. Kid Soul] - released @ 11:59pm Dec. 31st, 2015. "ego Tearz (freestyle)" - released for the #FREEego campaign in Oct. '16. "To Be From This (freestyle)" - released in Dec. '16. "ESTN: 30 for 30" - first complete industry tape in 3 years, released Jan. '17. "We're Better [REMIX] featuring Hizzle - released in Mar. '17. "If The Shoe Fits [One by One REMIX] (w/ Ingram & L.O.D.)" - Mar. 17, '17.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
uh, yea'... freestyle started in '94 (at age 13), battles & cyphers happened, off cam, for years. 1st 'improvised/freestyle' house set w/ Anonymus, dranreb, & O is performed in '03. 1st & Only Hip Hop artist @ Marshall Farm's Jackson River Jamboree in August 2011. guest performance @ City Bliss Market Cafe (Downtown Roanoke) w/ NaGeL- Mar. '12. opened for Brother Pariah & Unusable Signal @ The 4/20 KEG-JAM - Apr. '12. 1st illegal prophet performance @ (S)ave (O)ur (S)chools (The Benefit) - June '12. 1st & Only full performance of 'JMK' @ Jackson River Jamboree 2.0 - August 10th '12. Daytime (Family Friendly) set @ Jackson River Jamboree 2.0 - August 11th '12. performed @ Schooner's (VA) for 'Staunton River Benefit [pt. 3]' - Feb. '13. organized, booked, hosted, performed @ Alleghany's Unique - Mar. '13. performed @ JRJIII (w/ Sean Doe, Loser Lik, & NageL, + BUM) - Aug. '13. created & performed @ Night of Artistic Vibes feat. Morelle w/ Medius Artifx - Feb. '14. performed 3 spoken word pieces @ The Historic Masonic's Open Mic - May '14. performed @ JRJ4 (w/ Loser Lik, Sean Doe, A. Smitty, Syllable Sam, + BUM) - Aug. '14. performed @ Night of Artistic Vibes 2 feat. Chris Conner w/ Medius Artifx - Sept. '14. performed @ The Moose Club w/ MarzHill, DYS, A Rally Cry, & A.M. Fog - Jan. '15. performs "Space Cadets"&"Get It?" w/ Sean Doe @ Artistic Vibes 2.2 - April '15. performed @ JRJ5 (w/ Kid Sugoi, S.K.P, & Loser Lik)+ connected A. Smitty - Aug. '15. performed @ Artistic Vibes 2.3 feat. Sean Doe & alongside A. Smitty - Sept. '15.
Your musical influences
i learned to appreciate all artists - as artists .
What equipment do you use?
i use what I have at my disposal...
Anything else?
GOOGLE 'negative lee nyce' / follow on Twitter @leenyce send booking info to negativeleenyce@gmail.com connect to the fan page @ www.facebook.com/negativeleenycefans check for exclusives @ www.soundcloud.com/negative-lee-nyce find the mixtapes @ DatPiff.com (simply search: negative lee nyce) and purchase / stream all originals @ www.negativeleenyce.bandcamp.com
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