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Vinny K
Vinny K
Reston, VA  USA
February 15, 2010
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NEW SONG ENTROPY ADDED! DIY Solo Artist. I write and produce my original music. Progressive metal/hard rock/djent/modern plus Acoustic/electronics/alternative influences too. Songs and instrumentals
Band/artist history
Been involved in music for over 30 years. Since 2006 I've produced 5 album projects. Also 1 from 1995. From 1995-2005 I was keyboardist in the Long Island band UNIFIED PAST. I am currently in very early stages of a new recording project. I'm hoping to have it completed by 2020.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Mostly open mic spots because I enjoy playing original music. I enjoy streaming LIVE on You Tube. My YouTube link is right here which you can copy and paste to check out past LIVE You Tube performances https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0kg3W-q9gEn7r8rYx6vgsA?view_as=subscriber
Your musical influences
RUSH is and always will be my top favorite band ever. After them there is just so many. I love Dream Theater a lot! Over the years Smashing Pumpkins, Chevelle, Foo Fighters, Tool, Radiohead, Killers bands like that I've always enjoyed. Lately I've really been into things like Meshuggah, Korn, Slipnot, Mastodon, Russian Circles, Animals As Leaders, Tides From Nebula, Those are the artists which inspire me the most. But I listen to all kinds of other rock and non rock artists as well. When I like to mellow out Ambient music is great! Love old school jazz from time to time as well as blues. But the harder heavier stuff grabs me most
What equipment do you use?
I've had a Paul Reed Smith for decades. Fender Tele Deluxe My most recent guitars are an Ibanez 7 string, Jackson Dinky 7 Schecter Omen 8. Plus a Mitchell Exotic Wood Acoustic Peavy Vypyr /Sampera 2, Couple of Vox Modeling Amps Kork Micro Korg, Korg Micro Key which includes Wavestation, M1 and a bunch of other synths, I record using Cakewalk/Sonar and various plug ins. Audacity as well for editing and stuff
Anything else?
My music is homemade and home grown. It's definitely rough around the edges. I admit that. But it is REAL. Creating my music is a labor of love. It's a joy to make and always a challenge. I'm learning as I go along. Trying different things. It's a lot of fun. I do the best I can but also make sure I have fun and just go for it! I'm not into music for fame or big money. Its just something I love doing.
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