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M-Beatz 850
M-Beatz 850
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I been in love wit music since the '94 when I was rockin' 69 boyz on my Walkman. I decided to take it serious about 2 years ago. Started it off slow, had to get use to everything. 2 years later, I got a catalog wit close to 500 beats. Now I just need someone on them. Since the death of 2 of the greatest in hiphop, 2pac & Biggie, music haven't been the same, it's like people don't rap about anything anymore. It's the same beats over and over on the radio, if you down south you know what I'm talking bout. So I decided to go ahead and get into the music biz myself and make beats that I like. I figure if like it, people will too because I'm a hard person to please. It's been time where I bought an album, put it in my cd player, then turned around to take it back to the store only to get bout 4 of 5 dollars back from the cd, that's when I learned to listen to it before I buy it. Buy anywho, I'm a producer and I'm looking to work with people that is serious about it and that write..keyword "write". If you can't freestyle like Jay-Z, Lil Wayne or Eminem, there's no need to contact me, because time is money and money is time. I'm not trying to be in the studio all night because you trying to get something to rhyme and you sound like garbage. So if you serious bout yours and looking for beats...holla at me mbeatzent@gmail.com...Also download M-Beatz "The Remix Mixtape" Vol. 1 @ http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=07c0f21ef2d37781d0d290dca69ceb5c8434457be4f0bd0a292b492bd5edc68e Show ya boy sum luv
Band/artist history
Not much history behind M-Beatz, he just love music, the way it was back in the 90's, music today is all the same. M-Beatz is the future of hiphop & R&B. Music was an art, but now everybody want to freestyle, and more than half can't freestyle or write, but still make it big. Let's get back to the pen and paper and talk about real issues.
Your musical influences
2Pac & Biggie....once they die, rap die