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Ben Parr
Ben Parr
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I'm a multi-instrumentalist from Yorkshire in England. My main focus is instrumental work and I mainly play the guitar.
At The Temple Steps
I'm a multi-instrumentalist from Yorkshire in England. My main focus is instrumental work and I mainly play extended range guitar based instruments. A lot of my work is done with Midi editing and is production and editing related as opposed to my skill on the instrument but I do use the majority of my own instrumentation for guitar and bass, heavily edited through my software.
Band/artist history
I first picked up a guitar at the age of 10, which was a plastic fisher-price piece of junk i got for christmas and I loved it. I got my first "proper" guitar at the age of 11 for my birthday and learned some basics but didn't start to focus on learning guitar for a year, when at secondary school i joined a guitar club and got in my first band. I've now been playing for 5 years properly, (going on 6) and I've come on in leaps and bounds from where I was 5 years ago. I think about guitars all the time and as soon as I get home its all I do. I pretty much live for guitar and a cant see my self ever not doing now. I've especially got into extended range instruments and recently have come to reject my 6 string guitars. Its almost like playing without a finger to me now, its alien, and to be quite honest I couldn't be happier.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I don't currently play live venues in my solo form. But I have gigged with my old band Black Echo. We played most venues in the South Yorkshire are in the year or so i was part of the band.
Your musical influences
Anything form Jazz and Classical to Metal. Animals as Leaders are my favorite band at the moment and I enjoy a wide verity of music on the condition that the artists actually play their instrument and write their own material.
What equipment do you use?
I have a lot of gear but the main kit I use on my recording consists of the following... Agile 828 Pro, Custom with a specially positioned neck pickup to allow up to 30 fret access. Ibanez RG7321, Modified pickups but otherwise standard ESP M1000 Washburn RS 10-V (1987 model) Ibanez S470 Jackon DK2M Vintage 12 string acoustic Im a guitar builder as well, or as I prefer to call it a guitar artist as I build them to be a thing of visual and audible beauty. The more common phrase "Luthier" Is traditionally used for lute builders, not guitar builders so I find myself to be against the phrase. My current work consists of a Yngwie Malmsteen styled stratocaster with scalloped frets from 17 up getting gradually deeper and a mini humbucker in the bridge position. My other new work is in the form of a 9 string multi-scale monster which when completed will be tuned from low F sharp/Octave E to Top A.
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