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John Cohmer
John Cohmer
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Passion,Tone,Groove,Jammin,Improvised,Classic Sounds From The Delta's Crossroads To Beale Street and Downtown Manhatten. Blues, Rock and Sweet Jazz.
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Emerging onto the internet music scene in the mid 1990's John Cohmer just wanted to display the music he'd written and performed over the many years of playing professionally and jammin Gutty Soulful Blues,Classic Rock and Guitar Jazz.Instrumentals and Vocals as well as Net collaborations with some the worlds best.The group has embraced the internets vast offerings to display their music. Since mid 1995 he has been recording and posting high quality original blues,rock and jazz works for free listening and downloading. They now boast five very popular CD's on site. John is a hard and gutsy player with his own styling and sound. He perfers to play the blues in adjacent styles such as Jazz,Rock and Country just as much as in the traditional form. Keeping the sound fresh and finding the passion in each and every song they play is the motivation behind their music.The Music on this site represents recordings both by the band as well as many,many collaborations with other great blues, rock and jazz artists worldwide... Some of these are site here on Soundclick. Jasper Mill's front man John Cohmer goes to Nashville and joins up with Kevin "Stik Paul, Matt Thorpe,Paul Cummins,Scott Durflinger,Ironman Mike Curtis,Bill House,Larry Megill,Bob Huston,Doc "Mistabluesman" Quinn & TJ Gerencser for a four day Jam Session at Kitty Well's Junction Records Studio. And what a jam session there was. From the first evening when Matt Thorpe jumped up on stage at the Bourbon Street Blues & Boogie Bar at Printers Ally with Stacey Mitchardt and the Blues U Can Use Band and blew away the whole house with his British Brand of soulful blues guitar work.Then, Ironman Mike Curtis, the one man band, keeping everyone in stitches and quite literally making the sessions work with the material he brought along as well as playing Blues Harp beautifully,bass and bass pedals,guitar and vocals on three of the songs. The arrival of one of Chicago's best bluesmen, Kevin "Stik" Paul, flying in late Saturday afternoon after sharing the bill the evening before with the Fabulous Thunderbirds and laying down some mean guitar immediately.Bill Houses hypnotic "Storms A Comin" unraveled before our very eyes as an idea that just came to him after hearing the daily weather report. Scott Durflingers true found moment of blues when he takes a solo plugged into his WAH WAH and messmerizes everyone and his introduction of "Lord I Love My Smoke", a charmin' lil country blues with everything but the corn squeezin's. Doc Quinn's introduction of his tune "Freddies Blues" which will become a classic. Bob Huston's "Blues Walked Through" with it's southern rockin' feel. And so much more...... You can hear the whole session here at Soundclick.
Band/artist history
Blues and Classic Rock artist who has played in Japan,Mexico The Philippines and all over the US and Canada...are very serious about their music that they make and offer to YOU.. the listener. Today the band is free to gig, record and collaborate either singular or as a group with artists around the globe because of the web.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play "Live" when we can around the tri-state area. We love to play it right off the cuff. That's how it should be. Recording is fun and keeps a record for a long time but "live" performance has magic or "MOJO". The most memorable moments are "the Nashville Sessions"...meeting and jamming with "HoundDog Taylor" and spending an evening talking with Robert Lockwood. Making friends with Willie Pooch and Dave Workman and any jam session ever attended.
Your musical influences
Duanne Allman,Jeff Beck,George Benson,Clapton,Hendrix,SRV,Robert Johnson,BB King,Albert Collins,Dicky Betts,Bonnie Raitt,Carlos Santana,Roy Buchanan,Jimmy Page,Muddy Waters,Elmore James,Mississippi John Hurt,Hound Dog Taylor,Elvis,Stevie Wonder,Hank Williams,Jose Feliciano,Ventures,Toy Cauldwell,George Harrison,Denny North,John Burchler,Matt Thorpe,Kevin Paul(Stikmen),Rob Tognoni,Neil Zaza,Bobby Messano
What equipment do you use?
Recording we use Aardvark Q10,Alesis 3630 Compressor, Behringer Mixer,Patch Bay and AMP. Marshall, EV and Shure microphones. PC based software and drum loops, Acid, Vegas,Soundforge, Cool Edit Pro & Line 6 POD. On the road, Tele, Strat, SG and Les Paul guitars and Fender Twinn amp.Line 6 POD. Behringer Mixer and patch bay, shure 58, EV and Marshall microphones.Bass, Keyboards,Blues Harps and other cables and junk...the normal stuff.
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