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Blood Paradise
Blood Paradise
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BP are a bunch of corporate memory-destroying fret-wanking MTV-supporting fame-chasing money-grubbing grave-robbing publicity-loving nostril-hair-braiding vacuo
I recently discovered the strength my parents demonstrated during the difficult times that haunted my childhood. They shielded my siblings and me from a lot of the hardships they experienced, which allowed us to grow up to be happy, secure adults. As a parent now myself, I appreciate how difficult their task was. This song came to me when I was thinking about how I can live up to their example while raising my son. I wrote it for my son, but I now feel compelled to tell everyone about my parents' strengths. It is an absolute thrill having these lyrics published in a book that will reach an international audience. I believe that the theme of my song is universal, and I hope that it will inspire others all over the world to feel a similar gratitude toward anyone special in their lives.
Band/artist history
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Have you performed in front of an audience?
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Your musical influences
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What equipment do you use?
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Anything else?
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