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VitaL SigN (aka J-Micz)
VitaL SigN (aka J-Micz)
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I am a 24 year old male living in Fort Worth Texas. I have composed 11 CD's including: 2 Mixtapes, 1 EP, 1 Promotional Demo, 2 Compilation Releases, and 5 LPs/
Formally known as "J-Micz" and Sultan J, VitaL SigN is an up and coming underground Hip-Hop artist. With rugged, raw and beast-like lyrics, he takes every song to the next level. With music unlike anything availible on the radio or any other mainstream venues of the rap genre, he has a sound and style all his own. With a resume of 9 CD's, including mixtapes, EP's, promo discs, and an LP under his belt... Sultan J is a force to be reckoned with lyrically. Sultan J (VitaL SigN): "If you miss the old days when rap and hip-hop actually had meaning and a real feeling to it... then my shit is for YOU! if you are happy with the current state of hip-hop and songs about nothing more than cars, jewlry, money, "bitches" and all that.. then what I do is NOT for you. Not to say that i'm some positive, sensitive, soft Emcee... It's just... I make music with a passion and meaning to it.... my lyrics are not simple dr. suess like shit... where I am only trying to put words togeter just because they rhyme... I make that hardcore Hip-Hop... bringing it back to the 90's when SKILL actually matter..."
Band/artist history
I was born in Cleburne, Tx but I have lived EVERYWHERE... from texas, to Georgia... to California... to ohio... I now reside in Ft. Worth Texas... I first fell in love with rap and hip-hop around the age of 10 and started spitting freestyles in private by the time I was 11 or 12... by 13 I began freestyle at school and started a small local rap group called "Mob Scene" with my classmate and fellow rapper "White Pistol"... by 14 I had alredy been in several battles and began wrighting my first lyrics down on paper. However... from the time I was 11 I began getting on the wrong side of the, and was arrested on a felony weapons charge at the age of 12... When I turned 16 my mother sent me to live with my father in Bay City Texas.. this is where I met fellow rapper "Young Dutch"... He recruited me into the locally-based rap group LSB (Lone Star Ballaz)... I began getting local fame due to my freestyle, and battle rap skills... In 2004 or 2005... Dutch and several other members of LSB were convicted on several charges including armed robbery and possesion of a concealed weapon... Still representing for the LSB crew... I began taking part in another short-lived rap group called "G.U.T.T.E.R. Boyz".. Founded by Myself and "Dre Boi"... after only a short period... relationships within the group began to turn sour... and the production of the first G.U.T.T.E.R. Boyz album.. was haulted, and never finished. After a few more years living in bay city... I returned back to california.. and the moved to Ohio. In Ohio, I created my own home studio... with very basic equipment.. recording songs with fairly poor sound quality. With this studio i recorded my first solo project.. a mixtape entitled: "Mixtape Monstah Vol. 1" in late 2007. A second mixtape soon followed in early 2008. After going threw various dramatic changes within my personal life I took a break from music untill late 2009. Late on in the same year.. I returned to Texas.. in the Fort Worth Area... where I recorded my first EP "Project: X"... the Non-Internet released compilation Ep titled "The Vault" followed a week later... while the 7 track Promo Disc "J-Micz presents... 2010: Unleashing the beast" was released a month later. The alias "J-Micz" would soon changed to "Sultan J" as I began experimenting with a different, more "hardcore" approach to my style of hip-hop. The debut, underground LP "A Fire From Within" is my latest enstallment...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have been in a LOT of live freestyle battles.. and a few freestyle competitions... came in first place in a few.. and got second place in another... most of my battles took place in either L.A. County, California... or Bay City, Tx... I have been on stage a couple times.. nothing too serious... any chance that may arise for me to compete again in a battle or freestyle competition... i will take with no hesitation... I just moved to the Ft. Worth, Tx area... so I'm still trying to get connections to people who could assist me with doing shows/battles.. etc... Special moments??? Just all the times at lunch.. at Bay City high school mainly.. I tore down ALOT of cats who battled me... it was all good times...
Your musical influences
Early Influences: Rappers like Tupac, nas, Jay-z, Biggie, and a few others were all artists that really got me into the rap game... and molded the makings of my early style of rhyming. Later Influences: Other artists such as Big Pun, Big L, Canibus, etc were influences on my lyrics.... however, I joined a rap website around 14 years of age.. where I met with a lot of skilled emcees from all over the world.... my time there helped me advance and upgrade me level of skill... as well as help me form my very own original style and sound.... In Bay City... Young Dutch of the LSB crew, rather than influence me musically or lyrically.. influenced me on a deeper leve, showing me that I didnt need a label to make music... and if I wanted to, I could do it all on my own... He was one of the first people that really made me take this music shit seriosuly, as far as making music, and trying to make it on the underground tip... Recent influence: Basically, I listen to EVERYTHINg from Wu Tang Clan to Alice In Chains, to Merl Haggard, the beastie boys, matchbox 20, jedi Mind tricks, ludacris... the beatles... all good music with feeling and talent with effort put in makes me strive for perfection in everything I do with my talent and creativity... however i will say the single most important influence this passed year has been my finace jennifer.. it may sound corny, sappy or love-sick... but all "romance" type stuff aside... I believe that every artist needs a muse... someone who inspires them to draw their creativity and motivation for doing what they doing... and she is without a doubt my BIGGEST source of inspiration... without her around.... reguardless of my personal and romantic relationship with her... I'd be forcing meaningless music with no feeling to it... because just when I run out of juice and new ideas for my work... I sit and talk to her... and a million new, fresh things pop into my head... and that's what having a muse is all about... (hate if u want to... but get u someone or something like that and u will know what im talking about)
What equipment do you use?
Samsung USB studio condensor microphone, Audacity Recording software, wavepad sound converter, presario desktop pc, pen & pad ;)
Anything else?
ALl that I ask if that you give my music a chance.. if u dont like it at first... come back in a couple days and listen to it again... if u dont care for oen song... listen to a couple more... i try to exercise versitillity ALOT... so every song is a different style, as far as lyrically... and sound-wise as well... and even the topics I get on... so there should be at least ONE track everybody will like... Even if rap isnt your type of music... I really stray away from whats on the radio and what everybody else is doing... rather than getting something you would buy (or download for free) as a 99 cent single.. I try to make every song a piece to a whole puzzle... with the album being the puzzle as a whole... so your not just getting a hit song for the radio... and a bunch of filler.. but rather an experince that will take u on a journey from start to finish... so although what you will from me isnt catchy-hooked... pop... generic... cookie-cutter.. "hit single" music.... every bit of it is from the heart and the soul... and not from the brain or from the wallet... looking for the next dollar to count... it's HIP HOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! peace... and thanks for listening! Feedback is greatly appriciated!!! hit me up for links to my other music and be on the look-out for my up coming projects!!! You can click "Comment" below each song on the music page (Click "Music" in the left hand corner... and you will see all the song info and comment section) So let me know what u guys think!! If you like what you hear.. send me a message and let me know.. and send me a friend request or click "Become a fan" at the bottom of the page. Even if you DONT like what you hear... send me a message and friend request ANYWAY, or a comment on what song u didnt like.. let me know what u didnt like about it... i'm all about improvment and constructive critism so if it's an intellegant complaint and not just hate like "that shit is whack"... I will appriciate your honesty... so get at me.. yall have a good one... peace.. 1
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