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Epidemic Beats
Epidemic Beats
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Pandemonium The Epidemic. There's nothing more to describe me as "I do me, you do you." Check out my myspace for more.
15/m/NC. I'm from the country, so don't be hatin' on my souther drawl. I know it sucks but that doesn't matter, I'm proud of where I come from. My mind is like a UFC fighter: Fight until you drop, nothing else. The way I look at it is: If you stand up to someone you know you can't beat, then you should get mad props for trying anyway. Rapping is not about winning or losing or being the best, it's about individual expression. If you enjoy rapping what you do, then keep on with it and don't let any of the haters stop you from doing that. Most haters are just a bunch of wanna be pussies on the inside, and the only thing they know to do is hate because they know that they can't be like you no matter how hard they try. So, yea, if you got anything to say in response to this, drop me a message and I'll think about responding... Add these cool myspaces: www.myspace.com/official-alphaomega www.myspace.com/officialvenomj
Band/artist history
Started out June of 2009. One of my friend's that raps offered to feature me on one of their songs if I was up to it. I said sure, gave it a shot with "I Am Machine"(My previous stage name used to be MC Machine), and decided to stick with it. And recently I've gotten into producing my own beats. I'm not that great, but I'll get better.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not yet.
Your musical influences
My musical influence is all underground rappers that have the goal of getting noticed and providing a message with their music. I know he wasn't underground, but 2Pac is one of my influences that are big time. Another influence I have is my fans, family, and friends. Most of them tell me to keep going, and other's tell me to stop. It's the one's telling me to stop that I keep going.
What equipment do you use?
Acer Aspire z5600, Acer Aspire 7735z, a 1GB Kingston flashdrive, and a Logitech Microphone(used for Rockband on Xbox initially) with an equalizer box.
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