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Jammer (Pune)
Jammer (Pune)
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JAMMER is an Eclectic band with profound diversity in creating a mix of melodies of different genres of music from Jazz, Progressive Instrumental and Fusion, to
Accoustic Heart
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Lost in time
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A brief profile of the bandâs core member team: 1. Alok Kulkarni has done his MBA specializing in Human Resource from Pune University & is a versatile musician. He has worked for Red Fm, Pune as a Sound Engineer and a Technical Head. He has trained two I-Rock winning guitarists for the bands Nemesis and Vertigo. He has also judged upcoming singers in competitions like Verve and Harmony Fest, the list of the singers he has judged includes singers like Sai Tembekar ( Sa Re Ga Ma Marathi fame ). He plays the lead guitars and sings for the band and the driving force behind the band who composes songs and arranges them whilst also looking into the overall mixing and arrangement of the tracks. 2. Harland Braver is a Commerce Graduate with a Diploma in Business Administration and has worked with Radio Mirchi Pune since its launch for 5 years after which he left the concern to concentrate more on the bandâs sound. He is the main guy for mixing the bandâs songs and mastering them. 3. Yaman Chhaya â Is a flutist & keyboardist. He composes & arranges music and he is also a film post production expert cum creative director for corporate films , short films , documentaries, music programmer, currently working at Red FM as a senior Sound Engineer, has been a student of Shashank Fadnis a renowned music director based at Baroda. 4. Deep Dave â An MBA marketing specialist who is presently managing his own transport company. He plays the lead guitar and acoustic guitar. Has always been with the band since its inception and then joined it full time. 5. Sukhbir Kalsi â Vocalist and also plays the guitar. He is presently working with Radio Mirchi-Mumbai, as their main Sound Engineer. 6. Justin Crasto- An MBA specialized in Human Resource. He is presently working with Tera Data, Pune and renders vocals, backing vocals and plays acoustic, electric & bass guitars for the band. 7. Abhijeet Kandharkar â Plays the Bass guitar for the band and is presently completing his graduation, and the youngest member of the band. The band has drawn influences from KC and the Sunshine Band, Dave Mathewâs band, Guns and Roses, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwei Malmstein, Eric Clapton, Dire Straits, Sting, Creed, Santana, etc. They concentrate more on the melody and theme based on which they write their songs. They believe in positioning their songs in the mind of the listeners in such a manner that its effect is everlasting. The following are the friends and session artists who have always supported & coordinated with the band Jammer: 1. Varun Sathe â Official Photographer 2. Sujan Shetty â Guitarist, Composer, Lyricist 3. Vishal Shah - Vocalist 4. Vinayak Paul â Drummer & Percussionist. 5. Sumair Zubairy â Drummer 6. Dibyajoti â Bass Guitarist 7. Vijay Desai â Plays Sitar & Electric Sitar 8. Avdhoot Joshi â Flutist 9. Pragnya Wakhlu â Backing Vocalist, Rhythm Guitarist 10. Saurabh Kumar â Keyboardist 11. Mrinal Kaul â Bass Guitarist 12. Spinol Diaz â Keyboardist 13. Hamit â Drummer and Ethnic Percussionist âœJammerâ쳌 is an eclectic band because they are maestros in composing Instrumental & Western Music (comprising all Genres) as well as Fusion & Indi - Pop music. After all the hard work and dedication, Jammer has started making waves in the music industry. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Jammer proposes a special vote of thanks for Blue Frog for acknowledging the bandâs original music and helping the band in making a mark in the western music front. Itâs the bandâs immense pleasure in receiving continuous co-ordination and support from Blue Frog and team members, amongst which are: Karishma Menon, Emmanuelle de Decker, Jehan, & Camille. We look forward to the same kind of support from them for all our future endeavours.
Band/artist history
The band was initiated by Alok Kulkarni earlier named as Indian Breves which comprised Hamit Walia, Sujan Shetty and Mrinal Kaul. The band mostly dwelled in the Indi âPop & Sufi genre. Later on the band diversified into Fusion, Western (Jazz, Rock & Instrumental) music. Alok and his band gradually became known in Pune because of their live performances after which The Film and Television Institute of India called upon the band to compose background scores for various projects which gave them a new dimension. At FTII they met Saurabh Kumar (Keyboards) & did most of the background scores for a number of documentaries & films which was supported by their friends Vijay Desai (Sitar), and Avdhoot Joshi (Flute). The band also composed music for many television ads including commercial ads for BBC Radio with Flip-Side Productions of Mumbai, during which they met Sukhbir Kalsi (now Sound Engineer of Radio Mirchi, Mumbai) who joined the band & added up another aspect to their vocal prowess. Later the band grew with the addition of Deep Dave, Justin Crasto & Abhijeet all being the students of Alok, widening the horizon of the band. Yaman Chhaya (current Sound Engineer of Red Fm, Pune) joined in as a dedicated arranger and Harland Braver (Ex-Sound Engineer Radio Mirchi, Pune) as the main Sound Engineer. Together they conducted live shows in Oasis, Hotel Sun and Sand, Jazz Garden ( now known as Opus ), Not Just Jazz by the Bay Pune, Curve, Blue Frog, etc.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We often play live in Pune and cities across India..
Your musical influences
KC and the Sunshine Band, Metallica, Dave Mathewâs band, Guns and Roses, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Eric Clapton, Dire Straits, Sting, Creed, Santana, John Petrucci, Eric Johnson etc.
What equipment do you use?
Alok Kulkarni - Epiphone Stratocaster, Digitech GNX3, Marshall MG 30. Deep Dave - Epiphone Les Paul Studio, Digitech Rp 80, Marshall MG 250dfx Abhijeet Kandharkar - Ibanez bass, Marshall MB 30
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