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Novi Novak
Novi Novak - Ransom Freestyle
Dear Potential Fan, I started out as a serious battle rapper at 15 years old in Chicago, IL. From there I went on to coming in 1st place In Lyrical Skillz In 2005 After Coming In First at the House of Blues Regional Battles In Chicago IL (Where I'm From) Soon learning battle rapping will not get you anything but street cred... I moved on to making songs and learning how to excel to be one of the best artist I could possibly be! This is Novi... And Now You Know Me - Novi Novak
Band/artist history
I'm currently making it
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play anywhere...
Your musical influences
Every Artist Is Unique. I respect any artist that came up in any genre. And I'm a piece of everything. I can't say anything influenced except God and the way I was raised who made ME... Well... Me....
What equipment do you use?
MOTU Traveler Pre Amp M Audio Sputnik Allen And Heath 12 Channel Mixer Yamaha HS80 Studio Monitors Custom Made (By Me) Acoustic Treatment 2 Dual Screen HD 24" MOnitors DBX Outboard Compressor (Stage Use Mostly) Audio Box USB For Keyboard back up Roland Fantom G7 3 Networking Computers Software: Adobe Audition 3.0 AND 1.5 Ozone Izotope 4.0 Many Many plug-ins
Anything else?
Swag City Mother Fucker!