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On June22,2017, I will be hitting 54 and still rocking my sound. Played on the road for several years and now I write and play all the instruments. Lots of wo
More fun with the new Les Paul!
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The new Les Paul test...lol
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Can We Survive
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I'm a hard workin, beer drinkin musician! I swear a lot and poke fun at a lot of things.. The world kinda pisses me off as to how it has gotten sooo ANAL! I love watching comedians, especially Preacher Lawson as he is so fuckin funny! My super day job is driving a route and filling vending machines as well as looking after fresh food micro markets. Love meeting and talking to people.
Band/artist history
Grew up poor and in a small city in Ontario, Canada. Peterborough to be exact! Played clarinet in my early school years and finally got to tuba. Wanted bass guitar but never got it. Finally got to take it, the bass guitar home for the weekend and that was the start. Played the shit out of that thing and had to have one. My first amp was a Kustom 150 with the funky blue metallic flake and 2 12 cabinet. GOD, I loved that amp....it was soo cool! At 15 I got a bluesy rock band going with my friend and coworker Mike, can't remember his last name... we worked at Radio Shack.... I joined a band called TYRANT a few years later and we were heavy metal!!! Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath, etc. all the heaviest bands. There are stories that would take pages to fill and would be great as a book, if the band or I ever got famous! I auditioned for HELIX and almost got the gig! I went down with a bunch of players from across Canada for the Bass player job. I learned the wrong album and still made it to a second stage. I actually road down to Kitchener/Waterloo with Daryl Grey the guy who got the job. It was fun and a life lesson. After that I jumped on with INDIO and play/toured with them for several years. That's a book in itself..lol the shit that went on there! After I got married and out to Winnipeg I hooked with a punk metal group XL-Activators.. or XL-A for short. 10 years of grinding in that band and a lot of fun. But, it died a slow death because of people wanting different things. Now, I have a bit of a studio and learned the other instruments and are writing the kind of music I like.
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