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Reggie Hayze
Reggie Hayze
18 Tracks
Uber creative, and very melodic, with a kiss of soul, and a touch of bangerbility
What's up everybody, and welcome to my imagination. I'm definitely an 80's baby who grew up when R&B and hip hop was in it's prime. I'm talkin bout Jodeci, Jagged Edge, Aaliyah, Ginuwine, Jay Z, Naz, Mobb Deep... just to name a few. Well that era helped shape my sound, and my passion for music. I love evrything about uber creativity on all faccets, but music is my unmatched love. In addition to production, I aslo sing, and write all of my own music. I've been featured on Datpiff.com, and also Rapbasement.com. I releases The Assassination of Reginald Hayes in early 2009, and I'm looking to drop The Mixed Emotions Mixtape and my Stereotype EP. I'm an Urban Dynasty artist, and a representative of The Committee both based in Cincinnati, Ohio. I hope you enjoy every trip I take you on as you push play... Peace.
Band/artist history
Stereotype was founded by singer/writer/producer Reggie Hayze in Otober of 2008. I have a gifted couple of artist that help with writing and arranging so, STereotype is more of a collective than just one person.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've had varius shows in the past, none in the near future here though.. but they're definitely coming
Your musical influences
Kanye... I just like the way he approaches music. DARE TO BE DIFFERENT, but still keep it hot. I pride myself on being able to make you feel every melody of every track that I present. Hopefully I can do that on a regular here soon....
What equipment do you use?
I'm a FL Studio, digital producer, currently learning Reason on my MAC. But until then it's me and my Dell laptop, crankin em out...
Anything else?
G's up, and hoes down hahaha
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