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Rock'n Herby
Rock'n Herby
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Rock'n Herby is a one Man project and he plays all of Intruments and Record the Songs. He plays the Guitar (Solo and Lead) Bass and Keys sometime Drums
The Mirage
Today #15 in Power Metal subgenre
The Evil behind you
The Fear of the Hunter
Wind of the Desert
Love is Painful
Peak position #9
Broken Heart
Okay Iam Rock'n Herby and I play allone at the Moment but I looking forward and hope i can play in a Band in the Future. I play the Guitar and all about my Music cames from myself. I compose and play it live and then record it. My Music came from different Styls and my influence came from the early 80's. ( Hard Rock ) and ( Power Metal ) I like the Harmonie and the sound from the Guitar. My Inspiration came from the Situation of my Life because it is much happend in my life, there is enough to use for my Music. I make Music just for Fun because Music is my Life, I can not live without Music. I can put my Feeling in there and just my emotion, after the Time i Feel better and that is a great thing, that is the reason why iam a Musician.
Band/artist history
I played in Band's like AXXENT and SAVE and EMPIRE and VANNETY....and all these Bands are Metal Bands.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes i played in a Band so we played Live. That is the greatest thing to play Live and a good Feeling to play in front of the Crowd.
Your musical influences
My Influences came from Scorpions Accept Judas Priest AC/DC Running Wild Skid Row Winger White Lion and many More i like very much Power metal and Hard Rock
What equipment do you use?
My Amp is an Hughes & Kettner Vortex Top 100 Watt, and 4X12 Inch Box My Guitar's are Flying V Gothic Black Les Paul Lefth. SG Standard Lefth. Warlock Lefth. BC.Rich. Ibanez twice Black and white St Gio. and any others. My Mixingtable Akai 8 channel and I use a Computer with Sonar 7 Pro.
Anything else?
I,ve been working on my New Stuff with my new Equipment...
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