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JEBO (with James Hollingsworth)
JEBO (with James Hollingsworth)
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Espousing the true rock and roll ethic of playing live and loud, JEBO were custodians of a sound that takes its lineage from all great British bands, with the e
11 songs
7th Day
were an astonishing live act from Bristol, England, the band also released two albums with Genesis producer John Burns..
Band/artist history
Formed in 2003 by guitarist/songwriter Rob Allen and drummer Jeff France, the band were completed by Phil Dudd (Hammond/Keys), Lawrie Jones (Bass) and James Hollingsworth (vocals/harmonica). By the time James left to pursue his solo projects they had released their debut album produced by John Burns (Genesis, Motorhead, John Martyn, Fela Kuti, Traffic etc etc) and mixed by Ben Findley (Real World, Live 8), gained a new keyboard player, James' former bandmate from The Electric Druids, Nick O'Neill, and played many live shows including London's Royal Albert Hall, The Grand Opera House in York, the Nottingham Concert Hall, Lorelei in Germany (supporting Asia, Fish and Jethro Tull), the Bedford in London + supports for Wilko Johnson, It Bites, Budgie and Mostly Autumn. The band's second album is available at their .
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Oh, yes. See the for the new line-up, and for his solo shows.
Your musical influences
Pink Floyd, The Who, Genesis, Jeff Buckley, The Doors, Weather Report, The Beatles, Yes, The Rolling Stones even, It Bites, Rush, REM, Queen, Marillion, Barclay James Harvest, Supertramp, Kings X, Bill Hicks
What equipment do you use?
Hi-Watt, Ampeg and Leslie amps, Zildjian, Hammond organ, Fender guitars, Music Man bass, Premier drums, Lee Oskar harmonicas and vocals.
Anything else?
JEBO opened at in Germany in 2007, supporting the original line-up of ASIA, Jethro Tull and Fish. here on Soundclick as well as on , i-Tunes, and at the ! was produced by legendary producer John Burns, whose work includes albums by Genesis, Jethro Tull, John Martyn, Ronnie Lane, Burning Spear and others. The album was mixed by Ben Findlay of , Peter Gabriel's sound engineer. music on Soundclick!
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