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The Fallacy gothic rock
The Fallacy gothic rock
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The Fallacy gothic band preserving the classic old goth sound,adding some new elements,female front guitarrist ,male & female melodic vocals, no guturals, just
Drops Of Fire
The Fallacy A Gothic Rock band,sometimes near to gothic metal,sometimes near to dark wave,. STAY GOTHIC & FOLLOW THE FALLACY www.the-fallacy.com
Band/artist history
2012 Album 'Love Division' 2010 Album 'Beyond the Mist' 2009 Album 'Falling Roses' 2008 Ep 'The Fallacy' The Fallacy was founded in May 2007 by Marco Cusato(vocals-guitars) & Matt Giuria (drums).-After auditions Vivian Torres was invited to record the first album, unfortunatelly the result was not good, so in 2008 ,Angie Bernini joined the band as Main Vocalist & Guitarrist.- After the 1st album was published (Jan 2009) Matt left the band,. but Niko Arell joined in the bass guitar. Since then, The Fallacy have no drummer, always working with invited musician in the drums,the most of the time the band perform their shows with no drummer,keeping the origin of the gothic vein.Using Mr Computer in the drums & keyboards.- The line up: Angie:Vocals & Guitars Marco:Vocals & Guitars Niko:Bass Guitars Mr Computer:drums & orchestra.-
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live a lot.-Since the band was ready to go,we have been performing anywhere,.- Argentina-Chile-Colombia,and were looking for new shows elsewhere.So if you like to invite us, just contact us, were ready to travel anywhere.-
Your musical influences
Real Goth bands, specially latest 80s & earlies 90s. UK bands,Italian & German-bands Good american rock bands too.- Were not closed to any kind of music, since we live in Southamerica, we receive a lot of latin music influence too.-
What equipment do you use?
Unfortunatelly we cant mention the brands we use,but we can tell you: Guitars electric & Acoustics, 5 Strings Electric Bass Guitar .- Combo guitars amps, and heads too. Tons of keyboards & samples.
Anything else?
Please feel free to contact The Fallacy for any purpose, interviews,reviews,festivals you want us to come,.- We only want to do is play and show our work.-
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