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Micah Nahum
Micah Nahum
45 Tracks
I'm striving to make D&B, specifically Atmospheric D&B. One song that is a model for me is Camouflage by Seba, one of my all-time favorite D&B Songs. I really
It all started for me when I bought a CD at a mall back in 1997. I bought the CD because it had a cool, pretty, picture on it of the earth basked in the sun in space. The CD was in the Techno, electronic music section. This album was Logical Progression, Level 1. I was looking for techno, but that's not what I found. I discovered the world of Drum & Bass, specifically, Atmospheric Drum & Bass that day. I have been wanting to make music for about 12 years, but things just haven't worked out for me in that regard. I would love to be in the music production side of things, and become a DJ. My main goal is to make Atmospheric Drum & Bass, but I might stray some into the experimental side of things, like Space music with a Drum & Bass twist. I love mellow music that takes you on a trip while listening to it, good while driving. I like complicated Drum & Bass. The more complex the beat the better. I love IDM. I dont know if I have the gift to make music, but Im going to try. I have been putting off this dream of mine to make music for too long. Now, Im going to fulfill my dream and take the next step into production.
Band/artist history
I just started making music about two years ago, still new to the software. I know about 5% total on how to use the software, sonar Producer 8.5. Soon, I am going to upgrade to Sonar X1 Producer. I have learned that there are endless possibilities with the software. It can be overwhelming at times. I want to learn how to make my own music from scratch, instead of taking sounds from here and there and pasting them together to make a song. I want to be as unique as possible and make new sounds.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I want to, but haven't yet. I want to be a DJ in a club someday. Next time I get some money, I am going to buy another Technic's to go with my mixer and older Technic's table. Then, I can practice with my vinyl to become a DJ.
Your musical influences
Drum & Bass, Atmospheric Drum & Bass, Liquid Drum & Bass, Ambient, Space Music, Breakbeat, LTJ Bukem, Seba, Trance, Techno, ...My favorite album of all time would be Logical Progression, Level 1. I own this prized vinyl!
What equipment do you use?
I use Sonar 8.5 Producer and a new, fast computer, with 12 gigs of RAM. Also a MIDI - Axiom61 keyboard. I'm about to upgrade to sonar X1 Producer.
Anything else?
I spent about four months in Spain back in 1999 with a Spanish school friend. The clubs and nightlife was incredible. Some of the greatest months in my life, even though I drank to much. The nightlife is what I really enjoyed. They had clubs that didn't close until after daylight. The music was awsome, Trance and Techno, etcetera...but sad to say, I never went to a Drum & Bass club, which I will always regret.
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