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Temptation Denied
Temptation Denied
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We are a four piece metal band from Scranton, PA. Check out our tunes and tell your friends if you like what you hear!
Hello internet friends, this is my band Temptation Denied, a progressive metal band from Scranton, PA. We are an active band, playing as many shows as we can find, and are currently working on a demo in which I hope to god will be out by the end of the summer. Band Members: - Matt G: Vocals/Guitars/Writing/Arranging - CJ: Drums - Alex: Guitar - Sam: Bass
Band/artist history
At the earliest incarnation of this band, it was my decision at around 17 or so that I decided that i wanted to make a living with music. The question of how any why were not clearly defined yet, but the idea was there. I started out with a bass player and found a "singer" and started off doing Led Zeppelin cover songs. At the time Led Zeppelin was God and Jesus was Jimmy Page. We didn't even have a name established, and no one lived up to their credentials. After that came my old band "The Noise Experience." It was basically a jam band at first. The bass player would come up with a simple line and I would basically solo over it and we would record it. Needless to say, it didn't go very far. Then came the band which would eventually turn into what Temptation is today, but a long road to get there. During the entire previous band picture, we never had a drummer! I finally met CJ from another friend of mine that happened to play the drums. I heard he just started, but was rapidly making progress. I ever played with a drummer before , so I learned some songs, and eventually convinced him to join my band which at the time was still "The Noise Experience." I had some material written and we jammed on it and soon after became songs. "Apathy" was actually one of the songs along with "My Own Personal Demon." Lets just say these songs came quite a long way from what they originally were. (haha!) After that, we realized we needed a singer, guitar player, and a bass player if we ever wanted to go anywhere with this and play out. We then casually searched and found guitar players that didn't work, 2 singers that neither of them worked out at all to say the least, and bass players were semi steady. Eventually we got everything sorted out and found a bass player, soon after a guitar player, and I just took position of singing duties because someone had to do it. (If you guys could of only heard the early tracks...) We were finally ready to play shows ......... except......... our bass player was going to Maine for school for a year!! We were devastated, but took the time to work on new material and work on technique. Currently, we are a fully active band and play shows all around the area. As mentioned, a Demo is in the works. 2 out of the proposed 4 or 5 songs are already written, and you can hear those on the page here, and even download one of them! Whew, thats it for that...................
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Absolutely. Anywhere we can. (Bands or venues if anyone wants an opener or to play a show, please contact us @ temptationdenied@gmail.com.) So far as special moments are concerned, nothing crazy has really happened yet except for some drunk guy that pulled me off stage (the stage is a platform) in the middle of a song to attempt to ask me if he could sing along. I looked at him strangely at first and then when I realized what he was saying I asked him if he knew the words to the song we were playing. He said he didn't even know the song! Bit too much to drink my man.......
Your musical influences
The bands entire influence is very diverse, so I will stick to my personal influences (ill try and keep it short) Allan Holdsworth, Frank Gambale, Gojira, Metallica, Lamb of God, Meshuggah, Textures, Sikth, Cynic, Periphery (Bulb), Tosin Abasi, Tesseract, Cloudkicker, Paul Gllbert, Vai, Satch, and so on
What equipment do you use?
I am trying to acquire new equipment as my current setup is a bit lacking, but heres what i currently use: - Bugera 333XL 120W Head - Matching Bugera Cab - Very Old DOD Overdrive pedal (Sounds very vintage) - Ibanez Prestige RG1570 Left Handed (Dimarzio EVO in the bridge) - Brownsville Lefty V (Stock Pickups) Thats about it!
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