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Isko Isotalo
Isko Isotalo
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18 Tracks
Rock, Blues and Classical
The Sky Is Crying
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Higher Ground
Peak position #90
The Blues For Moore (Remix 2019)
Peak in sub-genre #15
Hold On
Peak in sub-genre #12
Isko Isotalo - Higher Ground
Hi! I am an independent music artist and song producer. www.iskoisotalo.com www.youtube.com/channel/UCfh9E5ZMzbhn52n-QqCoGQQ
Band/artist history
Hi! I am an independent music artist and song producer. I currently live in Kerava, Finland.I am very positive person and I have very positive attitude to life, I always treat other people openly and respectfully. I believe that by doing good things to others, good things will get around the circle..=) Musical History: Gary Moore I had to be six years old when I found a pink c-cassette at a flea market. La-Bamba was written on the cassette cover, it was the soundtrack of that movie. By chance, Gary Moore's instrumental piece The Loner was found on the b side of the cassette, it blew up my mind!!! The following weeks I begged my parents to buy me a guitar and the next Christmas I got it! Firenote My first real rock band was Firenote, we made a couple of singles and an album called Firenote. The music was in the style of the 80's guitar hard rock. Isko Isotalo Incarnation Isko Isotalo Incarnation was an instrumental band whose music was influenced by blues, rock and classical music. We did a lot of live gigs on the main stages in Helsinki. Via Roma Via Roma is a party band whose members are professional musicians, but the going is not too serious, it is more like playing with good friends and hanging out. As an solo-artist Currently I spend a lot of time in the studio, writing songs, recording and mixing new material. Daily guitar and vocal exercises are also part of my life.
Your musical influences
Steve Stevens, Gary Moore, Pink Floyd, Yngwie Malmsteen, Bob Seger, ERA, Eric Johnson, H.E.A.T, Billy Idol, Jorney, The Jeff Healey Band, Boston, Roger Waters, David Gilmour
What equipment do you use?
Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul, Godin Session, Yamaha Acustic-guitar, Tokai Jazz Bass, Mesa Boogie F100 Head and 2x12 Cabin, Holier Grail Reverb, Line6 DL4 Delay, MXR Chorus,Korg Tuner
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