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No Victor
No Victor
4 Tracks
Pump Up The Suck!
A love for slaughtering music, both old and new, is apparent when listening to the demo tracks. No Victor seem to be perfectly anti-musically incompatible, and together they have disassembled a great collection of hooks and grooves which they have maliciously desecrated and mutilated in the band's own particular idiom. The listener can only watch in horror as they see their foot tapping along with something that offends their musical sensibilities so traumatically. The quest for a second guitarist who "fits" is still in progress. No matter whom the boys find to fill their vacant slot, upcoming shows are sure to be visually offensive as well as musically appalling. The band members rarely bathe, and often proudly state that, "stains are in, hippies need less Jesus, and punks need more acid!" Apologies are therefore made here; in advance. Bastards. Peace and Anarchy No Victor
Band/artist history
Yes. We have a history. The majority of it being criminal. 'Nuff said.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Anywhere. Love it. Every moment is special.
Your musical influences
Real life situations. Personal experience. Whimsy. Barry Manilow. NOT!
What equipment do you use?
Whatever we didn't break at our last rehearsal or recording session.
Anything else?
Try not to hold onto beliefs because you think them to be truth. There is no truth. We have only an approximation of the truth. More discovery is revealed each moment. Detach. Do something. Hell make a sandwich.
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