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Chaun Lee Montgomery
Chaun Lee Montgomery
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Chaun Lee Montgomery, born and raised on the westside of Baltimore City, is an authentic hip hop musician that listeners can expect to hear music of great qua
Check Me Out
Its My Birthday
Penny Pickin
Chaun Lee Montgomery, born and raised on the westside of Baltimore City, is an authentic hip hop musician that listeners can expect to hear music of great quality from. With the mind state of a S.O.U.L.J.A.(Standing On Unholy Land Journeying Ahead), Chaun Lee Montgomery does not hold back in profiling his inner-city bred ways that taught him to be aggressive yet forever Hungry, Hard, and Humble. With musical influences that vary from the realist such as Tupac and Nas all the way to the richest such as the Cashmoney Hotboys and various downsouth artists like Rick Ross, Ludacris, and Bun B, it no wonder as to why Chaun Lee Montgomery would have two addititonal aliases of completely different personas; those being the humbled R.E.C.C.L.E.S.S The Outcast(Respect Earned Continuously Carefully living Eternally as a Straight Soulja) and the flamboyant B.L.A.C.K. FOREVER(Ballin Like A Cashmoney King---Forever). Although fairly new to the game, Chaun Lee Montgomery is working double and triple overtime to make sure that people will know that he is not just new rapper from around your local hood but a sure to be made man and household name come time for his introduction.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to perform yet but when I do I'm going to make sure that I leave a lasting impression on everyone in the room.
Your musical influences
Musicially, I'm inspired by individual songs and not so much the person or artist per sey. I love music to the point where I could hear a classical song from the 1920's and be like, "yo, I love that joint" and then turn right around and hear some gangsta music from today and be like, "yo is killin that beat" (laughing). I mean it really is all about the music because one day you're favorite artist could come out with something wack and at the same time the young kid on the block around the corner could have just recorded a banger for the whole city to get rock to. But if I had to be more specific as to which artists have influenced me the most, it would definately be the late great Tupac Shakur and DMX hands down. I say this because these two artists were able to capture and deliver a certain level of honesty from within their god-given spirts. Sometimes you got to see the best and at other times you got to see the worse of them, but thats what makes them so raw. Their ability to tell the truth not just as rappers alone but as human beings. And still being able to entertain a crowd---now thats my motivation I would humbly say.
What equipment do you use?
Right now, Im using basic equipment that my homeboy Mayor Brian Lee got in his studio in DC. I don't really know the technical names for all that stuff yet but hopefully I will learn in time. For now, I'm just in the studio and in the booth and when Mayor say go head I start spitting, simple as that.
Anything else?
I would like to shout out all my connections that have helped me get this far and are still continuing to stick with me as I reach for the limelight. So shout out to Nollo Dice, COAK, Ini-herit Skill, all homeboys from the Council; Shout out Mayor Brian Lee and PLUTOWORLD music group with the loud pack spartans; and shout out to all and anybody who sees the potential in Chaun Lee Montgomery.
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