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We are a traveling worship band from Maryland.
You Called Me By Name
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At The Foot Of The Cross
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Mission trips inspire feelings of love, grace, and unity. A mission trip to Kingfield, Maine in the summer of 2009 also inspired a couple of musicians to begin writing and recording Christian music. As a result, the contemporary Christian rock band Kingsfield was born. Ever since, the members of Kingsfield have dedicated themselves to shining Gods light through their music, and ministering to all those they come in contact with. Kingsfield was formed by members Ross Troy and Miles Dissinger. The band hails from Chesapeake City, MD where all six members attend worship and are active in the praise band at their home church, Jacobs Well. The band plays a brand of contemporary Christian music infused with three part harmonies comparing to those of Casting Crowns, yet maintains a distinct and classic rock sound. With songs titled, You Called Me By Name and At The Foot Of The Cross, Kingsfield makes it clear whom they are playing foran audience of One. Ministry is Kingsfields focus, and the band is passionate about reaching out to churches to lead worship on Sunday mornings. They have put together a Christ filled, multi-media worship service which incorporates Miles Dissingers personal testimony of faith along with music throughout. Miles is a recovering alcoholic and feels Gods call to tell people how his Savior has blessed him with the freedom to rid his life of alcohol. It is a message of perseverance through the trials of addiction. This testimony is a powerful, intriguing and unique service filled with emotion and designed to fit into a Sunday morning worship service. A mission trip spawned a new mission for a band that continues to spread Gods word through their music throughout the Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey area. With a heart for worship, and a genuine desire to minister, Kingsfield looks forward to whatever the Lord has in store!
Band/artist history
We don't have too much history yet. A little drama once in a while, but not much history...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Absolutely! We play at churches, youth ministry events, festivals, Christian coffee houses, charity fundraisers - just about anywhere we can!
Your musical influences
We all have MANY different musical interests!
What equipment do you use?
Let's see... Guitars and basses by Breedlove, Fender, Jackson, D'Agostino, Taylor, Schecter. Amps by Three Monkeys, Traynor, Roland, Kustom. Acoustic and electronic drums by Pearl, Alesis and Roland Mics by Shure, Rode, Audio Technica Just about anything else we can get our hands on!
Anything else?
Spreading the love of Christ through music is what we feel we are called to do. God Bless everyone for all your support!