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Nice mellow music with meaning, living in the 70's
Hey everybody viewing my page, just so you know, i AM a one man band, i have a unique style of playing and songwriting, i've been making music for over 12 years now, i'm 24 the only time i feel better is when i express my thoughts on paper or through instrumental interpretations of my emotions, hence the instrumentals, but i hope you enjoy, any kind of comment is well appreciated, add me to your friends and stay tuned cuz i'm updating monthly
Band/artist history
I was born in New Jersey, lived there for two years until my dad was raided by ATF and DEA for some bull$hit rat told on him for selling a dime bag!! So we moved to NC where we struggled as a family of 4. My mom and dad were hippies and highly influenced and embraced my musical gifts. Sadly, like most families, my parents separated when i was 12 and i got in a slump as you could imagine. I started writing poetry, interesting riffs, zany almost subliminal guitar solos overloaded with psychedelic effects brought on by "inspiration" It was my way to escape all the stress with family, school, society, and most importantly the lies I would hear from friends, loved ones, television, any form of authority, and ex girlfriends. These songs ARE FOR YOU!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Book me and i will
Your musical influences
Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Tool, Rush, Cat Stevens, Rage Against the Machine
What equipment do you use?
Lee Oskar harmonicas (virtually every key) and harmonica holder, Martin acoustic, Fender strat, Galveston Lucite Les Paul, Dean Exotica Acoustic Electric, Ovation Celebrity tuned down a whole step, Lark Les Paul, Digitech RP355 effects pedal with built in drum machine, and Cubase CE4!!
Anything else?
Walk a mile in a working mans shoes, see what he sees, and see what you'd lose
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