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Laurel Moore OneLadyJazz
Laurel Moore OneLadyJazz
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As Feminine as Lace and as Smooth as Chocolate. welcome to my new group https://www.facebook.com/groups/natureonmydoorstep/?__tn__=HH-R
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Santa's Flown To Tampa by OneLadyJazz
2 Year Resident Jazz Singer/Saxophonist at 5* Intercontinental Hotel Middle East performing to 300+ weekly audiences. International Curator And Art Exhibitor: London, USA, Switzerland, Portugal, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar.? Welcome to my page! "CREATING MUSIC AND ART, over the last 20 years is a need rather than a choice. It is a craving, or an obsession for colour, light and sound to manipulate these from my own imagination. Not creating, gives me more of a problem and as the years have gone by, the less Art I do the more imbalanced and disturbed I feel!" "I AM PASSIONATE about The Conservation of Nature. I believe the modern world has broken us of our natural selves. That our hunter-gatherer instincts are buried close to the surface in each and every one of us. My passion is to bring nature to LIFE in my paintings, to forge that connection, to lead us back to the beauty, the nurture, the harmonic frequency and the one-ness we feel when surrounded by The Natural World. When I paint it feels like a deep inhalation of breath - a bridge to the true spiritual world in which we live. Simplicity and intensity draws me in, taking me to the essence and to the core. For me, Just as life is a journey, so each painting is in itself a separate journey of discovery to a destination unknown. I love the surprise of a finished painting, never quite knowing how it will evolve until it is fully finished. So I feel like I have at once created something new, yet entirely known to me. I BEGAN MY JOURNEY in both Art and Music from a very early age. Living in my own world was the place I felt happiest and safe. As far back as I can remember I was drawing or painting, or indeed singing or playing the piano. From the piano I progressed to the Piano Accordion, which I played every week in church and sang in the church choir. Music and Art felt to me as normal to me as breathing, (although it took me a lifetime to begin to find the skills I needed to achieve the level artistic and musical satisfaction I craved.) Growing up I was enchanted by Jazz artists like Billie Holiday and Doris Day Ella Fitzgerald and Corinne Bailey Rae. I OBTAINED MY B.ED Hons with a specialism in The Arts in 1988. Work opportunities took my family to Switzerland, Abu Dhabi, then Qatar over a period of 15 years. It was during this time I began to study everything, to paint the virgin woods in Switzerland, to collect the woodland wildflowers; study the snow and ice and begin to experiment in watercolor and oil paints. I discovered that it was really in oil paints that my paintings seemed to come alive. In Abu Dhabi I rediscovered my Tenor Saxophone and Jazz Singing from my days in Jazz Bands in the UK. My Music and Art went from strength to strength, as a Listed Artist I began Curating my own Art Exhibitions in local Art Galleries and Hotels which attracted much media attention in newpapers and ''Time Out''. I began to be Featured in many USA Radio shows with my Radio Jingles and began singing LIVE to many UK and US Radio Stations. I also began performing widely with Jazz Bands in Abu Dhabi, both Performing and Exhibiting to Royalty and Performing at TEDX. My Artwork was featured in US Publications of ''Best Portrait Artists Worldwide'' and "Best Landscape Artists Worldwide" IN 2011 OUR FIRST ALBUM "Shadows Of Light" was Voted ''Best Jazz Album'' by Akademia. And to date I have 9 US TV/FIlm Publishing Deals with my music. I am currently living in Oxfordshire, UK. "We never die, we just change octaves." (Anon)
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Voice, (Buescher Aristocrat) Tenor Saxophone with Otto link, Roland stage piano, violin, tinwhistle. As a sax player I choose to improvise by ear only, with no charts etc, using it much as you would a voice. Hence my playing leans towards the melody and lyrical. Inside my head, I am singing........ I am passionate about Torchlight Jazz. The melodies and lyrics are so timeless that in my work I aim to remain true to the essence of the original emotion in the songs, preferring to stick to a very naturally achieved sounds using only real instruments. I also like to remain true to the original dynamic range of jazz songs in the hope to bring a richness of colour and flavour to all my songs. You will notice that my songs are a little longer - I believe this gives space for the song to breathe and allows the beauty of the original chord progressions to be enjoyed. It also gives space to transport the imagination....... Since I am also a painter, I like to approach my work in the same manner, by creating many layers - I hope that the listener continues to find hidden depths and immerse themselves in the moment. Most of all, I hope my songs bring pleasure to the listener.
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www.moorethanart.com https://www.facebook.com/groups/natureonmydoorstep/?__tn__=HH-R
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