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BLACK GTO Second Gear "Soldier"
BLACK GTO Alternative-Hard Rockers BLACK GTO serves up an intoxicating brew of hard rock, classic metal and modern heaviness. Talented fingers blaze across guitar strings as impassioned vocals edge across this hot sonic soundscape. A mix of old and new, classic meets today in a musical style that dodges easy genre labeling and is happy and excited to simply be energenic, entertaining Mello and Hard Rock. Energenic, powerful- How music makes people feel is also how BLACK GTO heavyness get people moving. They developed symbiosis with the art of songwriting and performance, returning to the music the feelings it inspires in the first place. "Music makes me feel energenic and powerful," BLACK GTO exclaimes, which is exactly the fiery vibe that flows out of their songs and into his pumped-up listeners. It's the perpetual, self-fueling motion of music. Every Step- And while BLACK GTO's music culls from the established pillars of metal and hard rock tradition as well as the new directions in hard music today, no one accuse him of mimicry. "I take every step to make my music sound different from other bands," they say, noting that of their own unique style. But rather than scaring those comfortable with conventional Rock parameters, BLACK GTO lures them into something new. The things that make great metal great are all there; it's just that they're filtered through his own experience and distinctive artistic mindset. The Artist at work- Vince Danna (Lead Guitarist and Vocals), played in a band named Deliverance in the late 80's and early 90's; Deliverance toured Asia for the USO and nabbed the award for best band from the Commanding General of the U.S. Army in Korea. More recently, Danna has begun working with Redwood Records, the North Coast leading independant artists recording studio, based out of Crescent City, Ca. with the BLACK GTO "Vol 1" released in 2018 and BLACK GTO Second Gear Album released in December 2020. Vince is also the lead guitarist for "Disturbing the Peace" in Northern California near the Oregon border. Ray Martell (Bass Guitar) has played in numerous bands over the years, was the bass player for "Border Coast" and is currently the bass player for "Shacknasty" a metal band located in Crescent City, Ca. near the Oregon border. Greg Johnson is a band member and Drummer for "Shacknasty" and has been their drummer for over a decade. All three musicians are involved with the band "BLACK GTO" by adding there experience and artistic talents to generate great music. "BLACK GTO pulls of a real trick-Hard Rock that has the blast of old school, the twist of modern Rock and the originality Hard Rock deserves."
Band/artist history
Started in Crescent City, Ca. in 2017. Three musicians got together from different bands and decided to put some music together, for BLACK GTO as well as their other bands.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Your musical influences
Staind, 5 Finger death punch, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Guns and Roses, Three days grace, Disturbed, Ozzy Osbourne, Zakk Wilde, Pearl Jam, etc.
What equipment do you use?
Marshall amps, Rickenbacker bass, Fender Telecaster
Anything else?
New BLACK GTO Album was released on 12-07-2020, called BLACK GTO Second Gear.
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