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Keith Cook
Keith Cook
Seattle, WA  USA
October 08, 2010
50,386 plays
Keith Cook
Band/artist history
I've don't want to go back to the begining but this probably sums it up pretty well Solo artist guitarist for Debris bassist for Sammy Drain I've also played bass for Captain Eyeball and guitar for Fred Roth Revue and then some.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
It's debatable, opening for NOFX in my first band back in '98 we'd only been together for 10 months it was our 3rd show. It was memorable, but writing "Black President" with Sammy Drain live at one of our weekly gigs at the China Harbor the day Barack Obama was elected was good too, but so were a lot of Debris gigs, or playing with the Fred Roth Revue with Steve Fisk on keys at a Haiti benefit gig or playing with Captain Eyeball opening up for Helios Creed/Chrome or playing a solo show with Doug Yule's band RedDog, it's hard too pick one over the others and there's been a lot of other beautiful moments.
Your musical influences
I use to have some but I forgot them all.
What equipment do you use?
Pretty much anything I can get my hands on besides Vox amps, those things annoy me to no end, I mean you get all these people trying to get them cause the Beatles used them but didn't you ever hear them complain about the audience drowning them out? And also I won't touch any kind of 80's glam metal or metal type guitar, no floyd rose or any of that, nothing that gets that kind of a sound.
Anything else?
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