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The Symbolic Olives
The Symbolic Olives
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We are a Multi-style outfit based in Detroit, Michigan. We currently consist of: Bon Lucas - Vocals/Multi-Instrument St. End - Guitar
More Than You
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High and Mighty (feat. James Atkin)
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Never Gonna Be The Same
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Is It Beautiful Where You Are?
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The Symbolic Olives - Pope Sexy
Hailing from Southgate, Michigan (A suburb of Detroit). The Symbolic Olives are a blend of everything from Electronic, Britpop, Folk, Progressive and Industrial fused into catchy (sometimes unusual) Pop songs. The brainchild of frontman/producer Bon Lucas, the group formed in January 2010. Having many lineup changes, group currently consists of Bon and Guitarist St. End. Since formation, the Symbolic Olives have been working on their debut album 'The Scene That Celebrates Itself' which is due October 2014 and plan on doing concerts.
Band/artist history
The Symbolic Olives are a Progressive Pop Music Outfit / Production Group from Royal Oak, Michigan. Formally known as 'Twelve Das' The Symbolic Olives started In January 2010 as 'Twelve Das', in the wake of the disappointment of front man Bon's 3rd album 'Chaos Happy' (Released under his given name 'Phillip Dlugoss'). The band formed, as the duo of him and Seth Warrick. Practically picking up where 'Alt Dos' Left off 2 years prior. The bands intentions early on was to record and get an album releases. During their first year year the duo added new additions, Seth's girlfriend 'Emily German', who left was in and out within one month followed by 'Zay "Aztronomikal The Azmahatik" Collins' and 'Cyle Lowe' both doing primarily vocal duties. During this time they released their first single 'Faster Chemical Master' on Bon's 'Next New Nerd Records'. The singles handling caused a fallout with Cyle and he exited the group in late October of 2010. The group continued on recording their debut album into 2011 with the lineup of Phil, Seth and Zay. Renaming the group 'The Symbolic Olives' in September of 2011. More lineup changes happened as the year went on, Bon and Seth had a falling out which started in 2012. This lead to Seth exiting the group that February, briefly leaving the line up as Bon and Zay with Bon now being the only original member. The duo didn't last long, In early March the band welcomed Kenny Stewart, on Guitar, and Toni Lucky, adding another vocalist to the fold. In April 2012, Kenny exited the group due to a falling out between Bon and him. The Group again went through a few lineup changes with Semi-Original member Aztro leaving and Bass Guitarist Patrick McCoy stepping in. The band has had many lineup changes over the years with the current lineup (as of October 2018) being Bon and Guitarist St. End
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We will occasionally but we have nothing planned at the moment.
Your musical influences
Anything and Everything, except country.
What equipment do you use?
Anything and Everything, we can get our hands on. Seriously, we have even used bagpipes.
Anything else?
Feel free to talk to us. People think that just because we are a band and that we have recorded material that makes us less human. We are real people, we love talking to people.
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