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Dorenda Wynnette
Dorenda Wynnette
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Dorenda Wynnette is a gospel/ inspirational recording artist who was formally a secular artist by the stage name "Karmen". After growing a small fan-base and being offered a record deal with an Oklahoma based record label, she decided to focus on her writing instead. She turned down the recording contract because her heart was leaning more towards gospel music, and the record producer wanted her to sing secular music. As a secular recording artist, Dorenda Wynnette has collaborated with artists in several different countries such as Primetizzle (Jamaica); Clap That Click (Canada); DJ Cease (USA); Glyphxxx (USA); Bloodline (USA); CAPA (USA) who has opened for major artists such as Donnell Jones, Tony Toni Tone, Gucci Mane, Plies, Ying Yang Twins and many others, CAPA is now a gospel artist and author. Dorenda has written lyrics & recorded music produced by known independent producers such as RiggaMortis aka Riggz (USA) and Gero Ji Jaga (Germany). Dorenda Wynnette plans to release her debut gospel album in the fall/winter 2013. She is now a published author with books around the world. Spreading the word of Yahweh is her passion and purpose in life. Her goal is to inspire others to walk by faith and in the Holy Spirit through her music, books and poetry. Traveling around the world to promote the Truth is one of her goals for 2014. As someone who has walked through the fire, been at her lowest and came out on top, she would like to use her experiences in life to bring positivity to others. Stay tuned for more updates.....
Band/artist history
Refer to my biography =)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Currently I am in the makes of setting up a tour. I hope to take the tour internationally in the near future.
Your musical influences
My main influence for music is Yahweh. He lives inside of me, and I sing to praise and worship Him.
What equipment do you use?
Cool Edit Pro
Anything else?
Be sure to check out my ReverbNation page. It is new, so come by and show some love! http://www.reverbnation.com/DorendaWynnette
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