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CEO AlB.JvNm, FrsTdSnoM.,GemydaMC,SFariVNM, Shore_MOB,DiPS,ThUnit, SHah'Du,KrysMyP.Pstl, AlB.Sh.G.Suge.Hi'Gotti,G.ChEeZ,G.eZ,6gOD,S.ViShS,B.NoLCky,KhLO G.VnM&K8
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BFO Recordings LLC. Is my JohnVeNOM's imprint and staple, my stable, where I continue to create and craft the most impactful, fulfilling, soulful, lyrical, and absolutely in intelligent music....... So sit back or get up and enjoy JohnVeNOM & BFO Recordings LLC. Music. An remember BFO Recordings LLC. Where Intelligent Music Reigns. . . . . BFO LETS MOVE , Let's Go.
Band/artist history
I started rapping when I was twelve years old with my Cousin David Phillpot aka Young Paps, I recorded my first rap verse in the year of 1998. Later on in my musical underground career I linked up with two close friends of mine Corey Shuster aka Cory Tha K.I.D. And Brian Loverde aka Fokus, and in the summer of 2002 the three of us recorded a Mixtape called the "Infamous 3 Demo/Mixtape" that we released in the spring of 2003, the entire city of San Jose,Ca enjoyed the mixtape. I eventually got caught up in the hype of the mixtape I.e. Money, fast cars, girls, guns, drugs e.t.c. Which lead me to start my own indir record label in 2006 where I and my first artist Lil'ThiZz recorded and released the 1st official BFO Recordings LLC. Mixtape "Definitely Eatin' Vol.1" a gritty, hood, very lyrical street HipHop MiXTAPE, with a smooth mix of Martin Lawrence comedy skits, and Sade Adu love ballads laced with my lyrical San Jose, Ca flow. In the year of 2009 I re-released the same mixtape with 2 bonus tracks, and the name of the mixtape was titled "Definitely Eatin' Vol.1: Freestyle Madness". In the year of 2010, I decided to record and release the follow up mixtape "Poisonist Passion Vol.1" a full lengthed mixtape With heavy Sade Adu classics fearuring myself JohnVeNOM with the equivalent HipHop lyrics, strategically inspired by the 3 Sade & JohnVeNOM songs recorded in 2006 from the original "Definitely Eatin' Vol.1" mixtape. Which in now brings me to Soundclick.com, recording and premiering new music and hot HipHop and R&B singles every month, in hopes to eventually get a major record label deal.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes mostly in The Bay Area, San Jose, and just California.
Your musical influences
Sade Adu, Ginuwine, Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, E40, Tupac Shakur, Eminem, 50 Cent, Childish Gambino, The Team, The Jacka, Michael Jackson, Young Dro, The Grouch, French Montana, Rone, Incubus, 311, Jimi Hendrix, Teena Marie, Prince, Mac Dre, Al B. Sure, Cassidy, Jay Z, Lil'Wayne, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, The Weeknd, Aaliyah, Run DMC, Peedi Crack, The Young Guns, Faith Evans, Adele, Twista, and Macklemore.
What equipment do you use?
A CAD mic, and a Hp laptop, running Sony Acid Music Studio 7.0, and Windows 7.
Anything else?
BFO Recordings LLC. Where Intelligent Music Reigns.
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