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Crimson Fool
Crimson Fool
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If you like the sound of Motley Crue, GNR or Skid Row... You'll love Crimson Fool! Crimson Fool is a 5 man band with a raw, aggressive and ballsy rock and roll
"From Crimson Fool's debut single "My Sick Love Song" to their ballad "Deadman's Hand," an album like this has not been heard since Guns and Roses "Appetite for Destruction." For the last few years, fans as well as music professionals have been asking for an original band with chops, who have something to say in their music, but yet have a "real" rock sound like rock used to have...wait no longer because Crimson Fool has answered the call! Crimson Fool has raw, aggressive and ballsy rock and roll crashing back onto the airwaves and they make no apologies for it! This five man, non stop music machine has the bluesy rock feel of Motley Crue and Aerosmith with the "wall of metallic sound" that AC/DC or Guns and Roses has. Bad-ass rock and F#&kin' roll is back and it's name is Crimson Fool! With a sound all their own, Crimson Fool will adrenalize you from their debut single - "My Sick Love Song" all the way to their rock ballad "Deadman's Hand" on their newest album "Sinergy." Recorded in the city of La Crosse, Wisconsin (a music mecca unknown to most) Crimson Fool had the honor and opportunity to work with Grammy winning studio engineer and owner of Soundstrations Studio, Brett Huus as well as getting input from five time gold record recipient and founder of the Irish punk band "Stiff Little Fingers," Henry Cluney and 1999's Nashville song writer of the year Linda Mullholand-Fox. "Sinergy" will RAWK YER A$$ OFF and is worth checking out!
Band/artist history
Crimson Fool is currently getting radio airplay on radio stations from Pennsylvania to California and as far away as Greece. Crimson Fool has been working on their upcoming album "Sinergy" over this last year and although at times it has been time consuming and expensive, the end result is definitely well worth it. Crimson Fool isn't your typical "get together and make music in a garage" band. Two of it's members live in Wisconsin, two of it's members live across the river in Minnesota and it's fifth member, David Lee, lives in New Mexico. From 1400 miles away, David would orchestrate and organize times and dates for rehearsal and recording, and then fly into La Crosse, Wisconsin every 6 weeks or so and would stay for up to 3 weeks at a time to record. As for writing of the music, the guys of Crimson Fool have made use of today's technology and sent music files to each other of original music to be recorded weeks later. Organization was key to make this work...and it did! In the final mix process, Crimson Fool had the honor of having not only La Crosse's own Grammy winning studio engineer Brett Huus at the controls, but two others as well. With 5 gold albums, three songs on "the top 100 punk songs of all time" and being credited by U2's "The Edge" as being his major influence and inspiration to play guitar, Henry Cluney came in to listen to and give his over thirty years of music making advice on the final mix of Crimson Fool's album "Sinergy." Henry had said upon hearing only the rough tracs of Crimson Fool's "Sinergy:" (This is) "Very energetic stuff. It's nice to hear some melodic hard rock again. (Crimson Fool) is an original band and is really going to go somewhere." Also joining Crimson Fool for their "mix down" and adding some last minute "high vocal harmonies' was Linda Mullholand-Fox, 1999's Nashville songwriter of the year. Linda had stated that she was "very impressed with Crimson Fool's sound, musicianship and production quality" of their music. We were all very honored and appreciated having them there and hearing that these music pro's with years of experience in the music business really liked our music, hooks and lyrics...well, it was very inspirational. Crimson Fool has branded not only T shirts, but sweat pants and Convers canvas high tops as well....see pictures above) Crimson Fool has just finished their upcoming album "Sinergy," at Brett Huus's Grammy winning Soundstrations Studios located in La Crosse, WI. and "Sinergy" will be available to the public June 15th! "Sinergy" has 12 raw, aggressive and adrenalizing tracs that, from the first song to the last, will keep pumped and wanting more! Crimson Fool's music is hooky, current and with intelligent lyrics that everyone will be able to relate to. "From Crimson Fool's debut single "My Sick Love Song" to their ballad "Deadman's Hand," an album like this has not been heard since Guns and Roses "Appetite for Destruction." After the completion of their album "Sinergy," Crimson Fool's David Lee and Chad Wilkinson have formed a legit record label,(not the typical "I have my own label" - by name and name only) "Second 2 one Records" and have already gotten product endorsements for a few other national touring bands!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We are all veteran performers and studio musicians and play out often. We just finished our album "Sinergy" and are now looking to play larger events or festivals opening for large national acts as well as the posibilty or a European tour.
Your musical influences
Personally, I (David Lee) am into Motley Crue, AC/DC, Sixx AM and Aerosmith to name a few, but appreciate a well written song with good lyrics and hooks!
What equipment do you use?
Chad Wilkinson and Peter Hans are officially endorsing artists for PRS guitars and play PRS exclusively. David Lee is officially an endorsing artist for Spector Basses and plays Spector exclusively as well! David Brown (drummer) is coming out with his own line of Crimson Fool - David Brown signature drum sticks in the next few months.
Anything else?
Crimson Fool also just shot a music video for their song "Lovin' You is Suicide" in Albuquerque on may 28th and 29th! Actress, model and actual "Suicide Girl" Alyxzandrea Asher, as well as Jaded Bombshells model Kaylene Love stared in the video as well as about 30 other extras! This music video is gonna be a jaw dropper and you WONT want to miss it!!! This music video premiers July 25th of 2012...look for it on YOUTUBE!!!
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