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Yung Yea aka Diverse
Yung Yea aka Diverse
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My instrumentals a more like thoughts of every thing i have listen to mixed into one beat so im a little bit of this an a little bit of that..
The man with many names I am also know as Yung yea aka Diverse aka Yager Bomb, da chief in the kitchen but I am now Stephen watts Before I was doing the music just as a hobbie didn't promote much now im trying to share what I do with the world follow me on this journy I'll be posting tons of music that I have created and new instrumental mixtapes to come under my new name what up world!
Band/artist history
If page is full of unreleased works I made in 09 maybe even b4 that... Here is a link to my current page with 2011 beats add me if your with the nation http://www.reverbnation.com/stephenwattsinstrumentals
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I remember my first I standard showcase an i rocked the crowed with two out of my three beats looking forward to rentering that event.
Your musical influences
2005-2011 underground movement, 90's hip hop a little bit of every thing.
What equipment do you use?
FL Studio hate it or love it i do what it does FL HEAD....SOOOON i'll give them a reason producer (insider)
Anything else?
This page is for all the people that listened to American gangster remixed by yung yea aka diverse an all my friends on myspace sry for that disappearing act but here is some instrumentals I have made during that that time i was gone I dedicate this page to Rell R.I.P we gone make it can't disappoint ya you always had faith in ya peoples
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Takeoff- Lil uzi vert type beat - 155
West Coast x YG Type Beat - WALK
Electrolyte Salvation (Beat)