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Coolzo (US)
Coolzo (US)
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I am a music producer specializing in EDM, especially drum 'n' bass. My tracks encompass many different sounds, however. I got my start playing with loops in So
My name is Joseph William Harris III, but of course I always go by "Joseph" or simply "Joe". I used to make music exclusively by utilizing royalty free loops and remix packs, but now it is much more. I am an audio production major at GCC AZ, and produce music across a wide variety of genres. It started a few years ago when I began listening to HiFi headphones. Of course, I was a huge gamer and computer nerd, and thus enjoyed upgrading my self-built PC. I eventually got to a point where I was satisfied with the graphics and processing capabilities, therefore the next logical step was a sound card and headphones. Enter the Asus Essense ST and Sennheiser HD595. My love for music grew as I began to notice more details in my causal listening, and so begun a spiral of HiFi upgrades. But just listening wasn't enough. As a gamer, I loved machinima as well, and was especially fond of using Sony Vegas. Due to my experience with Vegas, I decided to buy Sony Acid to start mashing loops together. Humble beginnings, and many of my old tracks can still be heard on this website and downloaded for free! They aren't much, but they got me going. Now, I own a home recording studio along with several pieces of gear. I produce genres such as metal, pop, rapcore, rock, and of course Drum 'n' Bass. Look for my album to be released within the next few months via Feel Good Recordz!
Band/artist history
I graduated from Sunrise Mountain High School in Peoria, Arizona in May of 2011. Over the course of 2010 and early 2011, my interest in music has evolved greatly. I met a girl at my church (whom, as it stands, is my very best friend) that had an intense passion for all kinds of music, specifically singing. Inspired by her, I began to explore more genres and found myself captivated by electronic music, along with all it's glorious subgenres. As the summer has began, I began (with a recent favoritism for Trent Reznor's talent) creating remixes utilizing multi-tracks from remix(.)NIN(.)com. From that, I yielded rough remixes of "Letting You" and "Me, I'm Not", which utilized DNB influences while retaining a heavy industrial vibe, soon after which I remixed the dark ambient track "10 Ghosts II" by simply rearanging the original multi-tracks and adding a few royalty-free loops (I used Acid Xpress for this, as I was unable to access my personal machine). Eventually, I decided I wanted to create an original mix, and thus "Darkness and Light" was born out of a concept to show the struggle between the said forces. After criticism for over-emphasis on hard transitions, I rushed a remix of "Don't Stop" by Innerpartysystem in less than a day, and a mere week later my second original track "Pessimism" was finished. Both my original mixes draw from an array of electronic genres, and I continue to pursue different ways to combine these genres. Positive feedback from my latest mix initiated my decision to post the music to more sites. Enter 2012/2013, and I have an ACTUAL remix of "Don't Stop", and A LOT more original tracks. Reference the "Introduction" section above for more details beyond this point. The above paragraph is the original bio I wrote for this site :3
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not at the moment, however I would like to in the future. A live band would be very cool, although I'm not sure if it's realistic with my music (go figure). I will likely start with simple midi controllers for a solo performance and go from there, adding more variables as I can afford more gear. But for right now, focused on production and school!
Your musical influences
Trent Reznor, Klayton (Celldweller), Pendulum, Innerpartysystem. No others actually, in all truthfulness. I realize I used to say "deadmau5 and Skrillex", but booohohohoy was that a lie.
What equipment do you use?
Software-wise, I used to use Sony Acid Music Studio, coupled with my own ever-growing library of royalty free loops and samples, but now Cubase and Reaper are more my speed. I use a Kurzweil SP88X stage piano for MIDI input and piano sounds, Yamaha HS50Ms for monitors, and a Focusrite 8i6 as an interface. Computer hardware wise, I use a PC with Windows Vista x64 SP2, an Intel i5 2500k CPU, 8GB Kingston Hyper-X DDR3 1600 RAM, AMD Radeon 5670 1GB video card, Samsung BX2331 23" LED monitor, for anyone who cares
Anything else?
I am always looking to improve, and I am never truly *satisfied* with myself. But I also accept the fact that my music is the way it is, and a track is done when it's done. Music is music. For any other artists who are reading this, try to do the same if you find yourself giving up. Just keep going, it really upsets me when I see a Craigslist ad full of studio gear titled "music not for me"...
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