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Boston, MA  USA
August 30, 2011
269 plays
"Making Any Situation Successful" is Frankie's mindset and what M.A.S.S stands for. He has worked and represented a few upcoming talented musicians out of Boston. Just to name a few MASS MILLZ also known as NEW MONEY, G-SHIZZO, BLIC BRAVE, DRAEDO, SAV, WAVVYV B, QUARI a.k.a Q and female artist MZ. MUSIQ. Frankie Bradley is a upcoming music manager also from the Boston area. M.A.S.S HUSTLER'S is his brand and is going to be one of the best if not the best coming out of the 617 and you better believe it. Frankie works with music that speaks volumes and helps support the artist he represents with a hustlers mindset. You know the saying "preparation is the key to success"! Frankie's motto is "live to hustle hustle to live" keeping a hustler mindset making any situation success. If you like to make good music that can change the world then your already a M.A.S.S HUSTLER. M.A.S.S HUSTLER$ MUSIC
Band/artist history
I got started managing at 17 when I realized how much love and passion I have for it. It was difficult at first but after time I have learned from my mistakes and now my future looks promising. During this journey I have grow and changed a lot and learned so much that now I feel ready to take on the music industry and make a name for myself plus the artists i represent and work with.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Performing in Massachusetts is challenging only because the city is passionate about our sports. During a live performance when the crowd go's crazy it's a moment you could never forget. It's a amusing moment when you get shown so much love and support.
Your musical influences
Our influences are everybody and anybody that makes inspiring music. Also my grandma, she taught me never settle for a career you don't love.
What equipment do you use?
My head and my brain is the equipment I use. I am a manager so I mostly use a laptop.
Anything else?
Making any situation successful is the hustlers mindset. I live to hustle and I hustle to live by any means necessary.