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Tim Bdagod
Tim Bdagod
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Wuz good dis ya boy Tim B, im grinding hard. All production & engineering done by me, get @ me for whateva ima get back asap.. Check out my trac
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Timbdagod - MJ
Tim B is the latest addition to the ranks of talented hip-hop artists from the St. Louis, Missouri area. Beginning his lyrical journey, some years ago, after high school, Tim went full force into his musical career. Tim had the ear and the motivation to write music. His first mix tape Tha Proof Vol.1 which was an expression of his emotions and eagerness into the hip-hop world. The next mix tape Tha Proof Vol.2 followed the consequences of his personal and sudden tragedies in his life and the tragic event led to phenomenal art. Tim has continued to lay verses and recording his songs with his own music software programs. For Tim B music has become therapy. He has found himself focusing more on the aspects of a career in hip hop. If it where not for growth and his family, Tim would not have the love and respect for hip hop, nor his musical recording. Being in the studio gives Tim fire and makes him more passionate about creating more and more music. For more information on Tim B please contact: Tim B http://facebook.com/timbdagod http://www.Datpiff.com/(search Tim B) http://twitter.com/timbdagod, http://www.youtube.com/TimBdatruth http://myspace.com/timb
Band/artist history
I been grinden since 07 officially as far as makin beats, songs, & tryna push music to labels. Then in 2010 I made a more noticeable buzz with my family @ Raized Rotten Records & I just resently took every thing in my own hands so now its all for the grind not for a deal but for my health I love this music & I got alot of talent I hope people will notice...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I did alot of shows I slowed down to get into my craft more but ima be back @ it real real soon & will update all..
Your musical influences
I dont have any I enjoy good music but iont look up to niggas I dont know personally, all I got is me & my fam that influences me to grind & work hard..
What equipment do you use?
I can use alot of things but I work with the basics so mess around with fruity loops for the beats & I record with audacity all on computer software but dont get it twisted I know how to work the pro equipment also...
Anything else?
Shoutz out ta err body grinden, shoutz out ta HDT, STL, MO. Errbody get @ me & ill get back.. "IM THA HOTTEST"
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