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Vladimir Shablia
Vladimir Shablia
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Singer-songwriter, composer, poet, author of romantic instrumental music and lyric love songs Vladimir Shablia offers his harmonious new instrumental music, Rus
Collapse / Sriv
Peak position #96
Queen of stars / Koroleva zvezd
Peak position #17
Help me, my God! instrumental / Pomogi mne Gospodi
Peak in sub-genre #29
You must know your lot! / Znaj svoj udel
Today #50 in Bluegrass subgenre
Songwriter, composer, poet, arranger, author of romantic music and lyric love songs, performer of Russian and Ukrainian songs Vladimir Shablia proposes his instrumental music, and songs for performers, listeners, producers. The original music is in different styles. A Google Play Artist page with my wav-records of songs and instrumental music in the wav-format is .
Band/artist history
Biography of signer-songwriter, composer Volodymyr Shablia. Right through life I loved music and especially songs: to listen, sing, play. To invent songs I began at 22 years, when I fallen the first time in love (such mutual, but doomed love) and wanted to express, to imprint, pass those contradictory senses which I tested, in melodies. For me, turned out not bad, as it seemed to me then. But my darling did not hear these songs: I was taken away in an army. I decided (can be in vain?!) this had been appointed above, and did not begin to interfere with it. I did not realize the vital plan which I was not written into. One of these first my naive songs (true, not under a guitar, as I invented then, but in computer arrangement) I present on in thes site (a song My sweet). In an army my creation, as well as all of other, stopped beating. There was only one purpose to survive in these wolfish terms, not transforming in a wolf. And how perfectly it was again to feel freedom, yet greater what to the army, breathe a complete breast, dipped in the whirlpool of sanguineous life in the bloom of forces! Certainly, again it wanted to invent, write, yell at the top of voice about that, how life is wonderful! Songs of this period I, possibly (I never give 100% guarantees) will place on a site later. Farther there was a period of intensive activity practically on all of fronts. Seemed, all on a shoulder, all will turn out, nothing and nobody will be able to stop me. Indeed, I had then done a great deal, it was desirable more and more. And the most important to me came and fully the strongest captured me for all the time, unrestrained and ????????????????, crazy and desirable love. There is the most beautiful, clever and kind in the world girl (as it seemed to me then, and in a great deal seems and now) on its nosedive, went out for me marry. About 10 years, simultaneously happy and difficult, during which already our general with it love flowered and ???????????, allowed me to invent greater part of my songs. From one side, they were expression of the tested emotions, and with other helped to store generating their wonderful sense from domestic fuss. Songs of this period, presented on a site, are Waltz for you, roses do not smell In my garden, Queen of stars and many other. Unfortunately (or fortunately), all passes in this life. On changing ?????????, future comes to passing. In my life also on changing sense of amorousness, sense of objecting came engrossing love against an attempt to do me under the generally accepted standards. Once, when emotions crossed through an edge, I grew into the Russian bear, began to destroy everything around. In my soul, always ??????????? for love and ready to it, a vacuum appeared. Soon he was filled new love which was as a delusion (one of songs of this period is so named). As well as every real love, this sense was accompanied both wonderful emotions and enormous experiencing, up to the real shock, thus for all of participants of love triangle. And all the same, if to judge on a resultant, and in this case, as well as in all of other, there is unique on an output, enigmatic, oppressive feeling of the flight interrupted on a nosedive. Possibly and you will feel him, listening the song of Rozbit ????. To date in relation to love I am in the stage of ????????, that some breathing space, calm. Abutting upon good sense emotions for me now are not present. Although sense of gratitude and gratitude for the that storm of senses, which these complimented with me three wonderful (each one's own way) women, for me remained and, apparently, will remain on all of remaining life. Contact information: An author of songs and music of Shablya is Vladimir Peter Address: 62404, Ukraine, Kharkov îáë., Kharkov ?-?, ï/î Kulinichi, street Anniversary 2, apt. 83. Telephones: +380661702214, +380671862310 E-mail: shabia@yandex.ru, shabliavladimir@gmail.com Web-site: http://shablia.narod.ru Style: Composer / poet The first songs are written in 1986. In the period of 1988-2000 is making of songs under a guitar, execution them on concerts, creative evenings etc. local value.
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Melodious romantic music and beautiful lyric songs about love and life with an original sparkle in harmony. Songs are rapid ( dance ) and slow, facetious and sad, lyric, heartfelt and dancing, modern and under retro 80th, 90th, and also combining modern styles and retro. Music and songs in styles is a pop, rock, folk, shanson, country, dance, waltz, romance and other. Songs in Russian and Ukrainian languages.
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