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I go by the name of Celph but you can call me Slim though. I drum, Produce, Rap, and Write. I've played in over 8 Rock bands and decided to start my own project
Headlines (Drum Cover)
What's good?! So I go by the name of Celph but Most call me Slim, so either or is alright! I started off playing the drum's at the age of 8 years old. I never played a drum-set ever but it didn't sound that way when i started playing. By the age of 10 Me and my grandma moved to Inglewood CA and by that time I was already getting into different types of music. I found myself getting into Rock music. When i hit high school I joined my first band. A punk band. I played the Guitar for them and wrote some of the songs. I moved to the Victorville and started school there. I met some cool ass people down there. I had a close group of friends and wanted to start another band but the only thing was they didn't know how to play any instruments. I taught all of them a specific instrument I wanted them to play and we started 12 amps. We played as many shows as we could but I ended up back in L.A When I touched down I had to start something a.s.a.p and that's exactly what I did. I started a band called Oceanside Massacre and we played sold shows. We made it to the point of almost getting signed but we broke up before because of some b.s but it was all good, we stayed cool. Fast forward past about 5 more bands!!!!!! I ended up buying my own equipment. I invested in a fire acoustic drum-set, Bought a bass, Bought a guitar, a 20 channel mixer, I mac laptop, and decided to be my own band! I took the time to learn using Music production programs. I start pushing my own beats and producing my own songs. After 10,000 plus hits on Myspace, then I took a break. I had to put everything I loved to do on hold. Now i'm back and doin me!
Band/artist history
Read my introduction....
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I haven't played live in a while. I got a couple of things coming up that will involve me playing live. I like performing though, it's cool to see people get hype off of what you made. That shit is exciting. It's definitely a different experience!
Your musical influences
My first influence was Blink-182. They started me on opening up to other genre's of music. Saosin, Underoath, As I lay Dying, August Burns Red, and the list keeps going when it comes to the rock bands. I fucks with Kid Cudi, Pharrell, The Roots, Common, Lupe Fiasco, Kayne West and most artist that differ themselves from the usual shit people hear on the daily bases.
What equipment do you use?
M-Audio audio interface, Akai MPC, Yamaha Drum-set, and Audio T Condenser Mic.
Anything else?
I'm all about music that you can feel.
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