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The Bendy Straws
The Bendy Straws
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We are mostly an improv hard rock band that does covers of popular rock songs and even some classic heavy metal songs.
(From Dustin) The idea of making the name for The Bendy Straws came form a girl named Bailey Irwin. Me, Bailey, and Ben Resto got together and played Monster (by Skillet). After that, we broke up as a band, and I later went to Joe and Tim with my idea of forming a band. He backed up my idea and The Bendy Straws were born. We took on the name because it was unusual and different. Two weeks and one practice later, we played our first concert at a redneck wedding, but we didn't even know that it was a wedding to start with. We got on stage and our hearts were pounding, I looked at Joe, and we shook our heads and played Monster, Animals, and finally we ended it with a song we wrote, Hell From Above. The same night, we were approched by people at the party who were wanting to promote us, and after that, Bailey dropped the band and we went to Alana Masters and asked her to join, and before I could finish asking, she said yes. Later, due to many mistakes, she had to leave, so we then added Darian Silvers and Jill Orr, but it was not to last. Darian later dropped and we lost contact with Jill, and so the band was in a stuggle to survive, but then Dillon came along and we were back on track. Now with vocals, drums, guitars, and Hell's fire, we are rockin out, and as time goes on I will add more but now we are preparing for the rush and looking for gigs.
Band/artist history
Current Members: Dustin Porterfield - Guitar, Vocals Dillon Moses (Me) - Drums, Guitar, Producer Darian Robbins - Bass Bailey Irwin - Guitar Previous Members: Joe Phillips - Bass, Acoustic Guitar Jill Orr - Drums Darian Silvers Alana Masters Ben Resto - Bass
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we play local gigs at friend's parties, we recently played at a talent show for Lonoke county churches, and anyone can come by while we practice in Dustin's garage. We leave it open, and play loud for all to hear!
Your musical influences
Improv hard rock music, classic heavy metal, new alternative rock, and even death metal (my fault).
What equipment do you use?
Dustin owns pretty much everything, but lends it to anyone who's in the band: Starion Series 5 piece drum kit with 16" crash and 14" hi-hat Epiphone Les Paul Fender Stratocaster Silvertone Revolver LBS 150 Peavy, Line 6, Marshall, and Stagg amps A new PA system, I don't remember the brand Stuff I own: Epiphone Les Paul ESP Ltd 7 Sting ZOOM G1XNext FX pedal Mics Drum sticks
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