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A Man
A rock song with some twists. Inspired by bands like U2, Muse and The Cranberries. The lyrics are about how you can become a man, even if you do not follow the usual roads to get there.
What a shame
I recently visited an old friend i hadn't seen for many years. He was in a bad state and died shortly after. This song goes out to him. Folk Rock with a twist.
A giant in my eyes
Rock'n Roll tribute song for a little, furry giant (a Teddy Bear).
Never get lost
This is mainly a song to celebrate being together with my wife for 36 years. We can do crazy things and get on each others nerves, but we will always have each other's back. It is also my contribution to the Soundclick 25th Anniversary Challenge.
Sail on
This song was written for a friend who is no longer here.
Never Get Lost
My name is Holger Luth. I was about 13 years old, when I got my first guitar. Actually it belonged to an older friend, but the never played it, so he let me borrow it. I had played the piano earlier, but I hated it. The most fun I had with it, was to create my own little tunes. i was no good at repetitive rehearsing. It has been the same with my guitar playing. Many of my guitar playing friends, spent hours rehearsing technical stuff. I never had the patience for that, I just did what I thought sounded right. My mind was more directed towards songwriting, than towards being the guitar hero, though I did like to play neverending live solos, long enough to make the bass player make puking sounds and the drummer start throwing sticks at me... I played in small bands and larger bands with 8-9 people, with violins, flutes and lots of other instruments, but I think my best time in a band, was playing in a three piece. It was in the aftermath of Police, British New Wave, the Danish Punk scene, Danish songwriters like C.V. Jorgensen and many more. You had to invent a lot of new "big" chords, in order to create a bigger sound, being the only guitarist ( and lead singer). Later I started listening a lot to bands like U2, The Cure, Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk and most of all Peter Gabriel. Peter is like my guiding star. I have had the luck of seeing him in concert a couple of times in the recent years and even if he has gained a few pounds and is called "Papa Bear" by his bass player, he can still sing better than anyone I know. His voice is directly wired to his heart, it's like every word has its' own set of wings and flies out of his mouth, carrying an important message. Wish I could get anywhere near that! My musical taste has developed over the years and I try out a lot of different genres, out of curiosity and because I get inspired by other musicians, here on SC and by other friends in music. I have 3 sons, that are all engaged in music somehow and they have also inspired me a lot. They have a totally different take on the term "Musician", than I have and I find it inspiring and I am amazed at the multifaceted way they can tackle the tasks of a songwriter, producer and musician. I must admit, that my music sounds a little old fashioned compared to music of today, but what the heck.. I am from 1957, I grew up with Beatles, Stones, Kinks, The Who, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Jefferson Airplane, The Band, Bob Dylan.. need I say more?
Band/artist history
I have been playing in various bands for many years. Some years back my last band split up and I started recording instead. I sometimes team up with my good friend, Knud Erik Jensen, who owns the Ziggophon Studio and we will do collabs or work on one of my songs. He is a great producer and musician!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have played many concerts at smaller venues. I remember playing at Askov HĂžjskole, where we got kicked out by the janitor and his drunk football mates very early in the morning. We never found out why.
Your musical influences
Peter Gabriel, Neil Young, Phil Collins, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Ron Sexsmith, The Cure, The Police, U2, Metallica, Rammstein, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Jean Michelle Jarre and many others.
What equipment do you use?
Fender Strat Plus Deluxe Ash 1991 Lace Sensor 3 Color Danelectro electric 12-string guitar Danelectro electric baryton guitar Epiphone EJ-200 SCE/VS Acoustic Western Ibanez AW15SCE Acoustic Western Cort CJ 10X/12 12-string Western Chinese Les Paul copy Home made Telecaster (built by a friend) Supreme bas Fender Mandolin Harley Benton Guitar banjo FZone Ukulele Mouth harps - Various Hohners Midi keyboard - Miditech I use Studio One DAW software for recording T-Bone SCT-700 for recording vocals
Anything else?
I play, sing and write music, because I cannot help doing it :0) Music is my sanctuary or refuge or whatever you want to call it. It makes me feel good! :0)
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great song Holger ! great lyrics and story .Top production . love the outro too.reminds me of early Genisis and Pete gabriel ! Brilliant!
What a lovely song Holger, certainly engages the listener, love the lyrics and the arrangement.
Beautiful production, packed with so many surprises, you are a great independent songwriter, congrats!!!
Great song and story
Fantastic production! Great writting!