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Castor of Pollux
Castor of Pollux
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A DUO of brothers (gemini) who are less than one year apart. . . ten years of growing together has allowed music to flow in the past but a recent spiritual, pe
We are a duo (so far) of brothers that are closer than twins. Both of our birth charts place us on opposite cusp ends of the zodiak Gemini (the twins) and we are both coexisting as a whole . . Our music shows this most. . . We love original music and have played with productive members in a band from our past, yellowment . . . We have recently opened our miinds to a new energy manifesting from 2012 and the source of creation itself. . . we have seperated from the reality of modern times and have developed a new sense of understanding, spiritually, and physcologically. We have the intentions now to share our experiences and truths with the world in an effort to shatter the barriers of a holographic world most of us all live in now. . . Definetely not anything youve quite heard before and quite enjoyable as well. . .
Band/artist history
Nearly formed after circumstances finally arose to reunite once unseperatable brothers. Sharing a house in Cape Girardeau allowed for us to jam freely like never before. . . We can literally play all night (at least for now)! First work began August 2011 and continue today . . . . Former members of Yellowment
Have you performed in front of an audience?
At home now. . . We are ready to play some shows now as Castor of Pollux. . . (We have played many times in the past as Yellowment including venues like The Camp and City of Roses music festival. . 2004
Your musical influences
Zacks - Radiohead, Sonic Youth, My Morning Jacket, Cake, Linkin Park, Thom Yorke Codys - Avenged Sevenfold, System of a Down, Dream Theatre, Megadeath, Slipknot, In Flames shared + PINK FLOYD, THE MARS VOLTA, PRIMUS, ETC. . .
What equipment do you use?
Well. . . .the lack there of!!! this is not what i NEED but works as is for now. . . 1960s solid body single coil guitar (unknown) (i love this axe SOO much) A fender deluxe tube, Behringer mixer, yamaha keyboard, shure sm57, crystal glass, headphones, and of course, my own body
Anything else?
Left handed and I play guitar right handed. . who cares!!! wait for it. . . Cody, my brother and band partner, is left handed. . AWESOME, , , he plays a right handed set up!! wtf??