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March 26, 2012
Hey people! I'm Hirahi, I play guitar for 6 years and in this page i will upload music that have been written by myself and/or of my bands "Eternal Theory" and "Illogical Concept" . The style is... varied, my favorite style is Djent, my favorite bands are Vildhjarta, PERIPHERY, Messhuggah, The Contortionist, Intervals, Animals as leaders, Forever Orion, and many more bands. But despite of that, I like other bands like Tool (one of my favorites), screaming headless torsos... I can't enumerate all the bands I like... haha. Well... I hope you like it!!
Band/artist history
Illogical Concept starts in 2009. We all were studying in the music school of Adeje (EMMA), in Tenerife, (Spain). At first we just played at a festival in the institute, but we realise that it could be a good idea continue with that project, just for fun! And from then on, we began to take part in many contest and won many of them. Actually, nowadays, we still playing. In the other hand, "Eternal Theory" is a more recent project. It began in 2012, at the moment we are 2 guitar players and the drummer, (but at the moment Trilian is a great solution until we found a bass player, any bass player interested?? haha ).
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Illogical Concept has played many times in Madrid, and especially in Tenerife (Canary Islands). And about special moments... the gig I like the most was in Roma (Italy) 2011. It was my favorite show, and furthermore we could visit the city! In the other hand, "Eternal Theory" is a new project and we haven't played at live shows yet, but... time after time!! haha
Your musical influences
uffff...!! A lot of bands! But specially Periphery, Intervals, Vildhjarta, Tool, Guthrie Govan, Everforight. Furthermore, I like dubstep too and ambient music so sometimes I like to mix a little bit this styles...!
What equipment do you use?
For live stuff: Ibanez Jem 77v, Ibanez rga 121, Alhambra P9, Mesa boogie roadster (and mesa cab), G-Major 2, Furman PL-PLUS CE, BBE SONIC Maximizer 882I, G LAB GSC-2 controller and some analog pedals. For recording: MacBook Pro, Fast Track Ultra 8R, Cubase, pro tools, Mackie MR5.
Anything else?
I do this for fun and I hope you like the tracks! If you want more check out this links. Thank you!! www.myspace.com/hirahisound http://www.myspace.com/illogicalconcept http://www.youtube.com/user/illogicalconcept?feature=chclk Contact : soundsgood.fly@hotmail.com