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Young Studio
Young Studio
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Request "I Apologize" by Young Studio at your favorite radio station and lets make it number 1!
'I Apologize'- Young Studio Featuring Franky Baby
Tightly entrenched in Lexington, Kentucky, a 24 hour city that doesnt eat or remember the last time it slept. This was a place where you could do everything you normally wouldnt do. On April 1, 1983 born Stewart Simpson, the son of incarcerated parents and a murdered brother a Star has arrived. Left to be raised by his grandparents he was left the life of a hustler. The recording studio was a place where his talent was a perfect fit and defined all that he was. It wasnt long before he realized that he had a talent that would outlive the odds and give birth to Young Studio the artist/singer. With the state of Kentucky on his back he began his mid-west country campaign behind the driving force of T. Biz Entertainment known for their slogan *Its Our Time*. Now he had a home team coupled with the talent that was destined to be undeniable to his listeners. Young Studio has been rapping since the age of seven and now the dream has became his reality, and now it's time to do what he meant for his whole life and thats for music to live through him to you. His music has its on style that requires a talent thats impossible to duplicate. He has a unique sound that will not only impact the south and mid-west but the whole industry. He is the answer to all Hip Hop junkies and listeners alike. Get Ready world, Kentucky is coming in the form of Young Studio. *Its Our Time!!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, I am always ready to perform.
Your musical influences
a lot of old school r & b, dirty south, and the whole 90's era of hip hop
Anything else?
Be on the look out for my Debut album Young Studio "Results"