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Cali aka Silent but Deadly
Cali aka Silent but Deadly
Chicago, IL  Worldwide
March 17, 2012
What It Do It's Ya Boy Cali aka Silent but Deadly. Been Spittin Since I Was About 15 But 1st Started When I Was About 12 Just Messing Around And I'm 21 Now. I Love Music It's An Expression Of One's Inner Self And Thoughts. I Make Beats As Well So Definitely Get At Me I Produced All My Tracks. Now For Some History. So I Was Born In Murietta Hot Springs California But Stayed Around The L.A. Area And Visited Fam In The Bay Area A lot. Back Then I Was A Hoop Star But By The Time I Turned 12 Something Drastic Happened That Changed My Life Forever. I MOVED!! Where To You Ask? CHICAGO!!! At 1st I Couldn't Stand It Out Here Because I Didn't Want To Move Out Here But After Awhile It Grew On Me. I Stopped Hoopin And Then My Music Career Began For Me And I Fell In Love With It As Much As I Loved Basketball If Not More. But That's Just A Little Bit Of Info About Me Any Other Questions Feel Free To Leave A Comment Or A Message Til Then PEACEEEE!!!!!
Band/artist history
Im an Artist/Producer/Engineer
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes anywhere i can get a gig and of course i like it lol
Your musical influences
mostly old school hip-hop very few new school influences