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the tracks you hear were recorded in 2005, 3 man band, anthony t on guitar and vox, dustin groves, on bass and vox, and drums is dark mark, we were sure to mak
3 man band, anthony t on guitar/vocals , dustin groves on bass/screams, and dark mark on drums.............the songs you hear come from a 10 song cd , recorded in 2005. our name then was 7 YEARS DEAD now changed to INDEMN, wich i like better anyway. me ANTHONY T, now a solo artist looking for a label so i can record about 20 new songs ive created this past 7 years, that is a mixed genre of music , .if i can somehow get even a small label to sign, i know i could talk my bass player-screamo guy DUSTIN, to relocate back to his home town in the IE, me and our drummer DARK MARK , patiently awaite so we can start where we left off.
Band/artist history
our original name , was 7 YEARS DEAD, from wich these songs were recorded in 2005, our band has seperated since that time, wich another band has taken that name since, i was going to rename the band 7 YEARS LATER since i planned on getting band back together, and it had been 7 years since our break up, still trying to get my bass player/vocalist screamer, DUSTIN , to move back here from kentucky, we were only a 3 man band trio, dustin was only 20,ill add more later about our drummer markwhen have lil more time ........but marky had all the exp., non- replaceable,if it wasnt for marks experience being in and out of different bands, i would probably still be spun off playing some freestyle song ,with no beginning , no ending , and a bunch of crap in the middle that was bad ass. yeah stupid, but let me see you try to play that same thing tommorow,... uh'duh;what song?
Have you performed in front of an audience?
every time we played was a special moment, we improved every time we pluged in.
Your musical influences
tool, perfect circle, and alice in chains, and i listen to some old school rap , kinda cool too. oh and old rage
What equipment do you use?
about a 50 dollar guitar
Anything else?
i really need help inspiring dustin groves to move back to cali so we can reunite, hes now 27 and living in kentucky, my drummer is not far from me waiting patiently for dustys return, so we can continue where we left off.
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