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Clivey Macdougall
Edinburgh,world,canaries, insanity  United Kingdom
March 30, 2012
51,466 plays
Peripatetic noise maker/producer , busker independent and insular. Surviving from the last media frenzy driven crisis to the next media frenzy driven crisis. Confined to writing and composition , perhaps for the foreseeable future and doing bandcamp releases .This place is my very Warty soundclick which gets everything first in the form of ideas and sketches that I may or may not knock into a form that's at least worth a listen and I mean everything. tee hee.
Band/artist history
Constantly trying to learn, though not convinced. Not interested in being controlled or being part of the industry. If you google / search me and Blue On Shock you should get it all. Have noticed attempts by the likes of Amazon , Soundcloud etc to monetize Old Blue On Shock stuff.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Playing on the beach is fun, playing gigs can be easy easy money, So you are doing your job and having a great time. I really do get off seeing random folks enjoy my busking. Really hope to get back to the sun at some point. Scotland and busking gets old as the weather is mainly awful for 8 months of the year
Your musical influences
Everything, but no more heroes, Its better to produce than not produce. These pages are full on Warts N all mixes which my be found in better ,more polished forms elsewhere. please google
What equipment do you use?
old computers, old saxes , flutes and whistles, old guitars. you get the picture
Anything else?
Welcome to the new normal, Fight it
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